KSW 64: Will 'Pudzian' fight for the heavyweight belt?  The master is open to fight

The duel of Marius Budzyanovsky with “Bombardier” excited fans. This confrontation was a highlight of the KSW 64 festival. The duel ended after just 18 seconds. “Pudzian” immediately attacked his opponent and sent him a fatal blow. The Senegalese lost consciousness and the referee ended the match. For the 44-year-old Pole, it was his fourth straight win and 16th place in his entire football career. Perhaps this victory will open the way for Budzyanovsky to fight for the KSW heavyweight belt.

The title in this royal category currently belongs to Philip De Fries. The Englishman seems to be open to such a duel. After the quarrel, Bodzian posted a photo of the 44-year-old on his social media, and added a meaningful sentence to the post’s content.

“There are others in the class and I will respect their right to fight for the title, but who would like to see that fight one day?” De Fries asked his observers.

If this clash happens, it will be the toughest challenge the former strongman will have to face in his MMA career. The Englishman entered the KSW cage for the first time in three years and has yet to lose. He defeated competitors such as: Michai Keita, Carol Bidorf and Tomasz Narcon (twice).

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