NASA reveals objects captured by the James Webb Space Telescope

The James Webb Space Telescope has been in space since then More than half a year And I went through a very complex stage of preparation for the start of scientific work. NASA is expected to release the first images to that effect on July 12. recently posted taste. The agency has now made a list of the things we’ll see first:

  • Carina NebulaIt is one of the largest and brightest nebulae in the sky, and is located at about 7.6 thousand. light years from us

  • WASP-96 B (Ghost), i.e. a large gas planet outside the solar system. The facility is about 1.15 thousand. light years

  • Southern Ring NebulaWhich is about 2000. light-years away from us. It’s an expanding cloud of gas surrounding a dying star

  • Stephan quintetA group of galaxies about 290 million light-years from Earth

  • SMEX 0723 – Huge clusters of galaxies

Photo: NASA

James Webb Space Telescope

The James Webb Space Telescope will allow us to see different objects in the universe with a whole new perspective. We also know that part of the time for scientific work (in the first year it will be 7%) will be devoted to the study of the nearest corner of space, that is, the solar system.

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