slag.  Lublin was boiling in a motorbike!  Maxime Drabeck had to explain himself

Although Motor Lublin beat ZOOleszcz GKM Grudziądz without any issues on Friday, the atmosphere on the guest team wasn’t the best. Canal + cameras captured the moment when Maciej Kuciapa caught the attention of Maksym Drabik.

Simon Michalsky

Maxim Drabeck

WP SportoweFakty / Michał Chęć / Pictured: Maxim Drabek

On Friday, ZOOleszcz GKM Grudziądz faced Motor Lublin in the 12th round match of the PGE Ekstraliga. The meeting ended with a definite victory for the visitors (55:35), which was not a huge surprise. Koziołki is the leader of the table and they are sure to advance to the play-offs from first place after the main round.

However, the atmosphere at the Motor team was tense. In ‘The Match Kitchen’ aired in PGE Ekstraliga’s Sunday Magazine on Canal + Sport 5, the conversation between Maciej Kuciapa and Maksym Drapik is immortalized. The goat coach explained to his opponent that he did not show up during the break between games at the team meeting.

– Maks, we talked with the guys about the settings they drive, etc. Didn’t even come for a moment. I think you are very bored with the settings, you can come for a moment, I asked you – Kochiaba said to Drabeck. The player replied, “We are working on it.” – You work, but some guys are well attached. It was enough to listen – the auto coach hit the ball.

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– Each player sets different values ​​- Maxim Drapik added. – I know, but you can come for a moment, Max! Kusyapa was saying. “They started the match with a different squad,” the player added. – Maks, but you can come and listen, it’s only a minute – Moto coach added, then Maksym Drapik left the box.

But this is not the end. During the next break between Maxim Drapek and Maciej Kuchiaba, there was another conversation. – The coach forgives, but we had a bad race for two qualifiers. I know, I wanted to suggest, tell people anything that might be useful, said Drabeck, and I didn’t know what decision to make until the end. – I know, take it easy. The most important thing is that everything is found – Maciej Kuciapa concluded.

Dominic Kobera, visiting the magazine PGE Ekstraliga, said that Maxim Drapek was already present at the next meeting, in the next break.

Let’s add that the beginning of the Friday meeting in Grodzig was not successful in the performance of Maxim Drabek. The 24-year-old started the competition with two zeros. The later the better, because in four consecutive times the rider scored eight points.

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