"With this Iga Świątek outperforms the competition."  What did you do with Kerber?  a look

No other tennis player in the tournament fights like Iga Świątek. On such principles, with such an attitude, in such circumstances. Our young champion has a heart, character and ambition unmatched by any other competitor competing in the tennis park in Indian Wells. In California, she has already won three games after losing the first set. This was also the case at meetings with the Ukrainian Anhelina Kalinina and the Danish Clara Tauson. This season, she also won the Australian Open in a similar way – in the fourth round with Romanian Sorana Kirstia and in the quarter-finals with Estonian Kaia Kanepi. So our representative has already won five matches like this in two big events. As much as no other tennis player.

This outperforms his competitors on the head

– She outsmarted her rivals with this comeback ability – commented on a string of her extraordinary comeback abroad. – In this respect, he beats the competition, and proves how much he hates to lose. This girl has a relationship with Rafael Nadal. Americans believe that this is the source of her colossal successes, recalling the unusual series of matches performed by your schwetek.

Presumably Iga would prefer simpler, shorter, and more effective solutions in theory, but she probably doesn’t realize how paralyzing the results are. Because these meetings usually have a much wider dimension than the usual 6:1, 6:1.

He has a lot of respect for Angie

– I would like to finally win a duel in a simple way, in two sets – I laughed after defeating Kerber Bulka. – But on the other hand, I feel good that I can make up for the losses. Angie is an amazing and experienced tennis player and it was an honor to be able to compete with her. I often do not have the opportunity to face an opponent that I respect very much – the Pole evaluated her performance.

Players like Kerber, Caroline Wozniacki and Simona Halep are playing with great consistency and everything they have achieved and won for so many years deserves credit. They have tremendous knowledge of tennis, which can later be seen on the court. On the other hand, I didn’t know for a long time if I was going to attack and risk more fouls, or play a little slower, with no chance of a final hit, but maybe that makes more sense. Whether to speed up or slow down. When I slowed down, it turned out that all the balls were on either side of the net. I had to balance everything. I was patient in the most important moments and it paid off. This match was very important to me, and for sure I learned a lot from it – said the Polish woman.

Watch the extraordinary moment of Iga Świątek’s victory and her team’s reaction in slow motion. They say it all!

Apotheosis of courage

In the women’s competition, there are no female players who can mentally withstand three hundred challenges often in the most difficult moments. Well, this can happen once, but twice is rare. Three times in a row does not happen at all, and five times to make up for losses in this way over two months is actually the apotheosis of courage.

But not only her, because everything is clearly intertwined here. The strength of the head comes from the strength of the body, one of which is subsequently connected to the other during exertion. Świątek is an offensive player, but she can also take on the toughest matches. She is well prepared physically and is not afraid of long matches. Meanwhile, many of her rivals fear them and every minute they spend on the field in matches lasting more than 90 minutes means a drop in the quality of their play. They admit it later in interviews. They know that if they don’t close matches in two matches, they are in a losing position.

Its strength shines through the eyes

Iga does not have these dilemmas. She inherited from her father the talent for fighting, and excellent physical standards, backed by talent and hard training, were now very expensive. Against the background of opponents, the dynamics, strength and energy of your sword beat the eyes. The Polish woman is currently considered the best-moving tennis player of the tour. He glides like a man, has amazing ranges in defense, and generates incredible speeds from every position on the field. In addition, she is great with left-wing opponents – this season she has already played with US Open finalist Leila Fernandez, and now with a German living in Puszczykowo. Other directions, angles, and rotation had no effect at all.

But most importantly, she was psychologically dealing with driving the player on the other side of the net. Not once, not twice, but five times. These victories mean and weigh more than two hundred simple matches, because they give more in the course of entire tournaments. Also those at Grand Slam. It’s okay – Iga has the ease of winning smoothly, quickly, in a devastating and devastating manner, but who knows if she doesn’t get a greater advantage over her opponents elsewhere. Only in the mental field. When he starts to make up for losses.

This is how the official WTA profile assesses the situation when someone wins the first set with Iga Świątek. This image is completely symbolic!

Because when this train starts, when the opponent on the other side of the net discovers that, having won the first set, they are running away from their second set, they are often unable to pull themselves together. With Kalinina in the next two matches, Iga Świątek lost only a match, with Tauson – three, and with Kerber – five. No one was able to get close to the Polish woman and get her off the strike.

How do I describe Iga in one word?

And this – above all, self-confidence – dominates the meetings. She sees the forest, not the trees. The lost set is counted by them for the entire match. And her “disjointed” meetings are no accident.

After the victory over Kerber, the WTA on social media asked fans to write how to describe Iga Świątek’s achievements in Indian Wells in one word in Polish. And fans vent their imagination. There were a lot of terms from expected and most standard to ones that either surprised or made you smile.

The rocket and the cotus resonate

Journey, class, hero, exciting, rocket, dazzling, but also humorous creations like cotusie. You can write one word about Poland, you can write a thousand words, and it will in no way reflect the wealth of this extraordinary girl. Because it really surprises us in California unbelievably.

Learn about the Polish vibe and emotions that accompany Iga Świątek in Indian Wells.

Currently, Iga Świątek has won eight straight matches (half of that of her favorite star Rafael Nadal) and it is one match she won from second place on the WTA list, which would be her life record and match Agnieszka Radwańska’s achievement in 2012 and 2016. There are reasons To believe that the Raszynianka will be the second rocket in the world on Wednesday. Right now, roughly, but it will definitely be like that from next Monday.

The duel with the Madison Keys should begin around this time as the duel with Angelique Kerber. So before Wednesday 21 Poland time. We fight for two, and then for more. for the summit that will be on the horizon.

Watch the recap and highlights of Iga Świątek’s match with Angelique Kerber and another great return of the Polish lady of the tournament in Indian Wells!

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