The Polish rune in the FIFA rating!  It hasn't been so bad since 2015 with Poland

The latest FIFA Ranking Update was released on May 27th. In the classification at that time, however, the results of friendly matches, matches under Euro 2020The Copa America and duels in the World Cup qualifying rounds in non-European regions. Poland Staff She was then in the twenty-first century. When all the tournaments ended, FIFA updated the list and our team fell another six places.

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Your grandfather is not slowing down. “Something looks like we’re going to hurt ourselves.”

currently Polish representation In 27th place with 1,516 points. This is the worst situation since 2015. At that time, the Poles were in 34th place. Thus, the predictions made a few weeks ago came true. We found ourselves behind Austria, promoted to the 1/8 finals Euro 2020. In the ranking of Paulo Sousa players, Japan, Peru and Iran also overtook.

Lewandowski can go to Paris Saint-Germain! He changed the conversion in one sentence

FIFA ranking. Belgium is still in the lead. The Polish national team is falling again

leaders FIFA ranking There are still Belgians eliminated in the Euro 2020 quarter-final with Italy 1: 2. The Brazilians, this year’s winners, are second in the standings. America’s Cup. The current world champions – the French – occupy the last place on the podium. Italians were promoted. The European Champions are currently ranked fifth.

Summary of the top 10 teams before. FIFA It looks like this:

  1. Belgium – 1822 points
  2. Brazil – 1798 points
  3. France – 1762 points
  4. England – 1753 points
  5. Italy – 1745 points
  6. Argentina – 1714 points
  7. Spain – 1680 points
  8. Portugal – 1662 points
  9. Mexico – 1658 points
  10. USA – 1648 baguettes

27- Poland – 1516 points

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