Ukraine smashed the Polish basketball players.  Big difference in points.  ‘It’s just a sparring’

Less than 3 weeks before the start of the EuroBasket 2022 tournament, the Polish national team played their first fencing match. The Polish national team faced the weakest competitor in theory among those they would be playing in training matches. However, they surrendered to Ukraine with a heavy loss of 28 points.

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The shameful defeat of the Polish basketball players against Ukraine

The beginning of this meeting showed that the Poles could have problems. In the first quarter, Igor Milicic’s players allowed their rivals to play freely and gave themselves 26 points. The next time, our representatives scored more points than their competitors (15:12), but they still lost match 32:38.

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In the second half Ukraine She played much better than our team. Although the beginning of the third quarter gave hope. After a great 9-0 streak, our basketball players were on top. They were leading 41:38, but the joy was short-lived, because in the next few minutes the contenders threw up 16 points and jumped away.

The Poles lost throughout the match fight Under the boards 26:34 and they had throwing efficiency two points worse than their competitors. In this statistic, only 44 percent (16 of 36) were on the white-red side with 65 percent. Ukrainians (27 of 41). The Polish team did not avoid defensive mistakes and after the last quarter lost to their neighbors from the east by 60:88.

– You have to remember it was a sparring. In the fifth minute of the third quarter we were three points ahead, but then we felt heavy feet, and also the changes we were making. For us, the result is not the most important in these sparring matches. We made a lot of losses that opened up some positions for Ukraine. So there are positive aspects as well as negative aspects. We need to work on it. We know at what point we are and our physical strength will rise,” said coach Igor Milic, citing the official website. PZKosz. On Sunday, his team plays host country Turkey.

Poland – Ukraine 60:88 (17:26, 15:12, 16:22, 12:28)

Poland: Garbacz 10, Ponitka 9, Zyskowski 8, Michalak 8, Dziewa 7, Balcerowski 6, Sokołowski 4, Objective 4, M. Kolenda 2, Schenk 2, Ł. Kolenda 0, Olejniczak 0, Carrot 0

Ukraine: Sanon 15, Mykhailiuk 12, Pustovyi 12, Tkachenko 10, Skapintsev 8, Krutous 8, Bobrov 6, Zotov 5, Sydorov 5, Bliznyuk 3, Herun 4, Voinalovych 0

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