Nie każdy bohater nosi pelerynę. Jacek Zieliński na przykład nosi kurtkę

Name it as you like. You can be a bigot, because you have an extended concept of “bigotry” to the extreme – so broad that it goes beyond the term “cymbal”. But you can also be “idiots” because that’s what you call people who come to the game to smoke the police. Some people dressed in the colors of Krakow organized a fireworks display on the platform, the match with Pogo was stopped, and I later entered. Jacek Zielinsky.

He has experienced a lot in his life. Surplus, championships, Lewandowski has trained, now Rivaldinho is training. There have been many different things in his career, but one thing cannot be denied – the experience. Some peace in life is most evident when everyone around you is surprised by the situation.

This was also the case around the 70th minute, when some not-so-smart brawlers were in the sectors Krakow They decided to organize a fireworks display. It is a pity that during the game. Which is unfortunate among people. It is a pity that these fireworks were thrown somewhere near security or police.

In general, in football matches, there are 22 players running on the field (two of them run less and have different clothes than the rest), and there are few people around the field cheering alone or wishing them badly. We know it’s obvious, but you see – you have to do it, because some people with intellectual deficits just don’t get it.

When there is an anomaly here, we have a problem. For example, when the “scene” moves to the stands and the match must be stopped.

But what hero does not wear a cloak? When the referee sent the players of both teams to the seats and the match was stopped, the match was Jacek Zelensky something broke. When we looked at him, we saw neither anger nor frustration. We have seen such paternalistic disappointment. Like a father who returns from a conference room where he discovers that his son has three children. And he was not angry because the young man had caught three gourds, but he did not tell him about them.

Mr. Jacek hid his hands in his pockets and went to the other side of the field. – We want to end the game! Calm down! To have peace! Come on people! He shouted and waved his hands a few times and… the problem was gone.

President. The man who enters among his arguing companions at the house party and says, “Shut his mouth, shake his hand, and invite you to the table, for we still have an empty glass here.” absolute power. As if that wasn’t enough, after all… Zieliński also received applause from the brawlers, and they began chanting the name and nickname of Cracovia’s coach.

We don’t know if Mr. Jacek has a plan for himself beyond the end of his coaching career. But something tells us that the Polish police’s human resources department can’t let these bargaining talents go to waste in retirement.

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