Wit??  min: Bane of the Wolf - The first reviews of the cartoon appeared
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August 18, 2021, 2:45 pm

The first reviews of the animated film Wied ?? min: Bane of the Wolf. Reviews are very positive and most critics praise the production. See what about.

The world of The Witcher is getting bigger and bigger: first games and comics based on books, then series, then Now also an animated movie Produce for Netflix. Witness: The Curse of the Wolf Small world premiere in a moment because August 23, ie next one Monday. Of course, those who had the opportunity to watch the series before the premiere did not hesitate and gave the first reviews.

But what is the theme of animation? As we learn from its official website, work wolf nightmares Before the events known from the books or series Actor A The main character is Vesemir, of course much smaller than we remember. Production shows its beginnings in the Viennese trade and Focuses on the difficulties he will face At a time when the situation on the continent is not conducive to killing monsters quietly. The production plot looks encouraging, and that’s how the first looks Reviews in rotten tomatoes.

It is nice to see this world, with all the inhuman beasts in human skin, from a slightly different point of view, although not as addictive and towering as the one we see through Geralt’s eyes

Sam Barsanti – AV . Club

The Netflix anime not only expands the story of Geralt’s favorite teacher – Vesemir, but also extends to the entire universe.

Kayla Cobb – Comma

so what ?? More than just an addition to the show. wolf curse It tells us about the world and the people who live in it – what they want from themselves and their lives.

Michael Walsh – Nerdist

fans Wade?? Meena This film may be seen as a blockage. It’s not your typical ‘zakalik’, but although it lacks flavour, a few tasty raisins prove we could have had something? better.

Caroline Kao – Den Geek

Witness: The Curse of the Wolf It’s not a bad movie, but it lacks a character of its own.

Samantha Nelson – Movies

For those wondering if the Witcher universe is for them, Bane of the Wolf is the perfect start. Addictive, intriguing, and full of blood – what more could you want?

Tessa Smith – Geeky Mama

If you are wondering what it is about gold ?? minuteIt’s the perfect introduction to the world of Sapkowski’s novels or series. And if you already? Fan of The Witcher, this is a must watch movie and I want more

Matthew Aguilar – ComicBook.com

As you can see the reviews are rather favorable It does not contain many criticisms. Obviously, not everyone will like the production as much, but it’s important that most critics don’t have wolf curse There is nothing more than being ‘modest’.He praised the attractive plot and the interesting story. There is nothing left but to wait for the premiere and check for yourself which reviews are to our liking.

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