How did Tatarska react to the criticism that followed Wendzikowska’s publications?

After Anna Wendzikowska’s publications, Anna Tatarska faced an incredible wave of criticism. How did you respond to unfavorable comments?

about leaving Anna Wendzikowska From the editorial office Good morning TVNthe position regarding her successor was also to make a decision – Anna Tatarskawhich the journalist had complained about earlier in an interview with Jastrząb Post.

Wendzikowska posted screenshots of SMS on the networkwhich she exchanged with Tatarska when she left the lunchroom.

Anna Tatarska has been my friend for years. She knew my position in the editorial office very well. I told her many times about unpleasant situations in the editorial office. Working with her as a freelance journalist was another attempt to force me to leave. My producers unofficially (but kept getting back to me) told everyone I worked with not to offer me interviews, because the only guarantee of the broadcast was that it would pass through them. Then A. Tatarska gave these interviews – Wendzikowska began her new manifesto.

outlet Pudelek He called Tatarska and asked her to comment on the whole situation. The journalist admitted that there was no opportunity for this conflict.

I’ve been working in the media for a long time and I know that nowadays it’s the number of followers who decide who is right, regardless of the truth – the above stories have nothing to do with the truth (except for the printscreen – they are authentic). Also in this battle I am doomed. Commenting on the whole situation seems futile to me – it can only lead to an unnecessary escalation – Anna Tatarska commented for Pudelka.

She also admitted that she could not comment on Wendzikowska’s allegations of attackers at the station, because she does not come there every day and is just a person who cooperates with the editorial office.

By saying that “that is not true,” I am not referring to accusations of mobbing, which is a reprehensible and harmful practice. You should always talk about it out loud. However, I’ve never worked directly in the editorial office (I’m an outside collaborator, I’m there for the recordings), so I can’t speak of something I didn’t notice and had no idea about – she added.

After all these publications, a wave of criticism erupted on Tatarskaya. How did you respond to the hate?

Anna Tatarska has faced a wave of criticism after Anna Windzikowska’s accusations. How did she react?

Anna Tatarska revealed on Instagram how she spent time with her family, but you can’t help but feel that her posts have a basis. She did not write directly about Wendzikowska’s accusations, but she gave the feeling that she knew netizens commented a lot on the matter.

[…] Because visiting the fair gives me great pleasure and therefore it is a must on every trip and one of the attractions of the city in the weekend. Art is a delicate mirror. Communicating with it has a wonderful side effect: it allows you to move from judging the world to introspection. He teaches that sometimes, before I say “what about him…”, it is worth asking “what about me?”

She added:

I also love art because it teaches me that not understanding is a good thing, that I don’t always have to be right, and that this is not always objectively true at all. That the world has blurry and delicate edges, and you have to find a place for yourself in it, because it exists, although it is not always like the place that others look for. PS: Of course, the reward is a visit to the magnificence of the first roommate, and today a recognized master of chalk @arobal #warsawgaleryweekend PS I will leave comments, it is a clear example of inflating wings – I wrote.

There were also comments below the post, which gives a clear idea of ​​which side Internet users are on. However, there are also those who have shown understanding.

What do you think of the case?

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