June 9, 2023


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Stars at the premiere of a new Netflix production: Ryan Gosling, Ben Affleck's ex-girlfriend, Simon Ashley from 'Bridgerttons' (PHOTOS)

Stars at the premiere of a new Netflix production: Ryan Gosling, Ben Affleck’s ex-girlfriend, Simon Ashley from ‘Bridgerttons’ (PHOTOS)

The world of movies and series has evolved significantly in recent years. all because of Netflixthat revolutionized contemporary cinematography. Therefore, today’s highest productions often go not to the theaters, but to the popular podium.

On Wednesday, the premiere of another movie took place, which viewers will soon be able to watch on Netflix. It’s about the latest work The Rousseau brothers – excitement gray man. In the long-awaited production, we will see himself in the lead role Ryan GoslingWho plays a former CIA agent Court gentry.

The star can’t be missing, of course, on Wednesday Movie premiere in Hollywood. except for the beloved Evie Mendes A number of other actresses and actors involved in the project appeared at the industry event. Among those who stood on the wall was, among others, an ex-partner Ben AffleckAnd the Ana de Armas Or the stars of the series “Bridgertons”: Reggie Jane Paige From season one and Simon Ashley On the other hand.

check it out. Awesome crew?

I love pancakes

4 hours ago

How do you sign a talented famous actress- Ana de Armas, as just Ben’s ex-girlfriend.

Ana de Arms is not only known for the fact that she was Afleck’s partner, so go ahead and start writing these articles as professionally as possible. Marking someone as having been with someone is impolite

Chris Evans has this thing…


4 hours ago

Gosling the more the better

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What are these clothes, Ryan? ? : c

Pudlu, Ana de Armas is nothing but Affleck’s ex-girlfriend to you, and some Pisarczyk or Andziakas (or whatever) are stars? Hold on to yourselves.

R. Gosling mmmmm beautiful Ken 🙂 I always wanted him

Are you a normal dog? You really don’t know how to portray an actor who removes dirt from the years

Finally some stars. All are good.

Rege-Jean Page Awesome Wood in Brigetons

Where are the laces in Simone’s dress? And what are these inconspicuous colors?

Everyone presents themselves well

Ana de Armas, who would likely receive an Academy Award nomination for her roles in Blonde, The Poodle Book calls her ex Afleca. Take a little trouble to learn about her acting stories and accomplishments, and not just associate her with an elderly alcoholic whose glory days are back only thanks to the fact that he became Anna’s ex-girlfriend.

Sorry I’m waiting there for House of the Dragon HBO

I think Kane was very hard on Gosling, even though he looks good in every way. Chris Evans is awesome too.

Chris Evans is a huge handsome man

Simone Ashley is so beautiful ☺️