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Famous actor and boxer Recently revealed some insecurity of the actors“; And as indicated by the translator , The team of the successful owner will be concerned about his income. Next, find out the reason for the awkward comfort charcoal created by the fighter.

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As you may remember, Price He joined the “Fast and Furious” team in the ninth installment as the main enemy of the story. Jacob is Dominic’s estranged brother and former agent of Cyber. Likewise, the other characters returning in this film Justin Lin Yi Sung KongLittle or nothing is known for the three versions.

Screened on 2001Ownership is Universal’s largest original asset, which allows more than gross total revenue $ 6 billion. A spin on the way and 9 titles in the air, the Saga has two tapes from its end, but it won’t be everything. News about another spin-off movie with female characters coming soon.

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Jacob Dominic’s estranged brother and former agent of Cyber ​​(photo: UIP)

John Chen “Fast and Future”

When his entry into the popular Saga was made public, Cena revealed the team to People magazine. “Fast and Furious” He was initially reluctant to welcome him into the family, which brought back memories of the atmosphere in wrestling when an unknown presence came up. Similarly, he had to fight for a place and said the confidence of his teammates:

“They were a little worried that I was there, just like we were WWE What, ‘Who is the new guy? ‘ But when the new guy does good or makes good conversations, ‘Yeah, you’re fine.’ Or as Vin calls it, ‘family.’

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    John Cena participated in the ninth installment "Fast and angry".  (Photo: Vin Diesel / Instagram)
John Cena participated in the ninth installment of “Fast and Furious”. (Photo: Vin Diesel / Instagram)

Why did the team lose his priority?

With two decades of friendship, it is natural for the cast to be suspicious of those who are about to join the family. About, Price He talked about how different the actors are from the others he participates in:

“Usually you do the plan and go ahead. It’s like a wonderful summer camp. You make best friends, you keep in touch with some, you don’t interact with some, but you do the work, and then you progress. [En cambio] The family meets fast once every two years [películas]. They are celebrating their twentieth anniversary. “.

More than colleges, they are a family

He also said that this secret makes him feel at home. “Next year is my 20th anniversary as a WWE show. So watch out Vin and Jordana [Brewster], Michael [Rodríguez] And team, Tyris [Gibson] And Luda [Ludacris], Being in these characters for 20 years, feels like home in a locker room WWE. I never felt it anywhere. “

Well John a “Fast and Furious” Almost in its final stages, the bonds you create in the package are guaranteed to last a long time. As it turns out, Tom allows Jacob to escape, so his situation with the family is included; This will give them hope for their return.

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