Open Finance will lay off all employees

Open Finance is the largest financial intermediary in Poland. Its main shareholder is Getin Noble Bank, owned by former billionaire Leszyk Czarnicki. Let’s remember that the company’s board of directors went to court at the end of the year bankruptcy petition.

Now is the time to lay off workers. The Board of Directors of Open Finance has just announced that it has adopted a resolution to initiate the group’s layoffs. It will cover 1,119 employees or 100 percent. all employees. The mass layoffs are expected to continue until the end of 2022.

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The company announced in a press release that it will notify employee representatives of the reasons for the planned layoffs and invite them for consultation.

Open financing – group layoffs

Open Finance announced in December that the reason for filing for bankruptcy is “important.” The company’s financial condition deterioratedVery low returns that do not cover the costs incurred by the company and the lack of prospects for obtaining financing that will allow the company to operate in the coming months.”

I remember that After three quarters this year, the company made a consolidated net loss of PLN 15.26 million, compared to a profit of PLN 7.11 million in the previous year. Sales revenue amounted to PLN 91.27 million compared to PLN 155.06 million in the previous year.

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