Apartments are becoming more expensive again.  Five cities are in the “PLN 10,000 Club”.

“Again, there are cases when clients call and want to book an apartment without even seeing it.” – We read in the expert analysis. As they add, this is largely due to the 2 percent secure credit program.

The market heated up so much that many cities recorded an all-time price hike in July. This happened in Bialystok, Krakow, Lublin, Lodz, Sosnowiec, Torun, Warsaw and Wroclaw.

This is how much an apartment costs per square meter in the largest cities


“In July, the real estate market experienced a boom similar to the one we remember from the times of ultra-low interest rates. Apartments were sold like hot cakes mainly thanks to the Safe Credit 2% program. Within a month, more than 18,000 loan applications were submitted, which relate to In the vast majority of cases with a purchase of course, this pace cannot be maintained in the long term ”- we read in Expander and analysis.

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