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As money.pl found out, at the beginning of the year employees of the sales department of Poczta Polska will receive an “offer that cannot be refused”. Thousands of postal workers will then hear that they will be transferred to the company’s affiliate. But for that to happen, they would first have to terminate existing contracts and take their employers’ word that they won’t get winded.

Polish Post is preparing for a massive reorganization. About two thousand financial advisors and mailmen are due to move from the sales department to a newly created subsidiary called Poczta Polska Dystrybucja SA in January, they will hear from their superiors that a move to the new company will only be possible if upon termination of their contracts with their current employer. Future chiefs will decide whether to receive new offers. Those who would not agree, They will be unemployed.

– It is a simple manipulation and an attempt to get rid of part of the warehouse – says Piotr Moniuszko, head of the Free Union of Postal Employees in an interview with us. He also confirms, all the proposals made by the company so far These are just promises now, Which took place during informal conversations with subordinates.

The question of termination of contracts was also investigated by the National Labor Inspectorate, which notified trade unions of the problem. In the audit report we got, we read that company No contract has been entered into With Poczta Polska Dystrybucja SA, regarding personnel issues, in particular employee takeovers, as well as workplace and infrastructure.”

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