May 28, 2023


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Huzar has been in Lublin since the 1980s and will soon gain a new face. Not only will the facility be rebuilt, but it will also operate under a new name.

Since the fall of last year, work has begun on the modernization of the Huzar Hotel in Lublin. Fall into the ul. Paratroopers, the facility belongs to the state treasury and operates as part of the Polish Hotel Holding. The building was built in 1982 and was initially owned by the Military Housing Authority. In 2019, it started to be managed by a state-owned company.

There are 98 rooms in the building. In addition to the residence function, business meetings as well as many corporate conferences have been organized there. In March 2020 the facility was converted into a Covid isolation facility. In the fall of 2021, plans for the future of this venue were announced. They assume that hotel services will continue, but under a new brand. We are talking about the Holiday Inn hotel chain.

As representatives of Polski Holding Hotelowy point out, efforts have been made in recent years to create a strong and professional Polish hotel entity, primarily competing with the facilities of other entities. Therefore, modern procedures are implemented, the profitability of individual facilities is improved and, above all, buildings are adapted to current standards. Cooperation has also been established as a franchisee with the world’s leading hotel chains.

The former Huzar Hotel will operate as the Holiday Inn Express. Currently, the building is being adapted to the standards presented in other facilities of this brand. As we were told, it can be said that the entire interior will gain a new face. All internal fittings are also being replaced so that it can serve without failure for a number of years to come. Added to this is the thermal modernization of the building, and thus a new facade. This one is inspired by the music of prominent composer Henryk Wieniawski from Lublin. On the other hand, the interior design reflects the modern face of Lublin. The hotel is scheduled to open in the first half of next year.

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