Analyst for PGE, Tauron and Enea stocks. Better forecasts for energy stock prices

When should such a process be expected? According to the expert, no radical changes will be possible in the next two years. This year is already halfway through, and nothing will actually happen by the end, and if a plan is created, it will be implemented in 2025 and changes will be visible only from 2026.

Energy analyst: Coal-fired power plants have no chance of recovering from losses

As Mag predicts, in the foreseeable future, the coal-fired power sector has no chance of recovering from the losses. The capacity market, which provides certain support for coal-fired power plants, will be in effect until the end of 2025, after which its operation may be extended until 2028. However, during this time, no additional contracts will be concluded, nor will an additional support mechanism, such as cold or warm reserves, be launched.

– First of all, the European Commission will not approve any additional financing other than the capacity market – explains the Ipopemy Securities expert.

The inconveniences companies face when keeping coal assets on their balance sheets do not end there, as it also increases financing costs. When obtaining loans for the investments needed to develop renewable capacity, they must take into account that its status as a large source of carbon dioxide emissions will increase the associated costs.

However, the targeted cost of obtaining bank financing will depend on the structure of the group, including: The analyst adds that it depends on the portion of their debt that the state will assume responsibility for.

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