“Winds of Passion”: a take on Brad Pitt's shocking behavior during filming

according to Zwick The problems started while reading the script. As the director wrote, the script doesn't look good when read in a sterile conference room. He had already noticed that Pete wasn't happy with him. A few hours later, his agent called him to inform him of his resignation from the role. For the producers, this was dangerous because… house He was chosen to replace Tom Cruise. Losing another actor of this caliber could bring down the entire film.

Ultimately, Marshall Herskovitz, producer “Winds of Passion”I convinced him to change his mind. “It was never brought up again, but it was the first sign that there were bigger feelings brewing inside Brad,” Zwick wrote. “He seemed calm at first, but when he got angry he became violent, as I saw this many times after filming began.”

According to the director, “Brad became sensitive whenever we were filming scenes that required him to show deep emotions.” Zwick suspected it was due to his upbringing. “Brad grew up with men who kept their emotions in check. I felt the moral of the novel was to show a man’s life as the sum of his sorrows.” Steve Rosenblum [montażysta] He complained that he had trouble putting together scenes that made Brad's stoicism ring hollow […]“He finished.”

Emotions ran high when Zwick raised his voice at the actor. “I started giving him directions, yelling in front of the whole crew — a stupid, insulting provocation — and Brad responded by yelling at me to back off. He didn't want to give up without a fight. In his defense, I wanted to force him to do something that he felt was wrong. Bad for the character or too emotional for his performance on Screen. I don't know who screamed first, who cursed first, who threw the chair first. Maybe it was me? When we looked, the director wrote: “There was no one else from the crew. “This was not the last time something like this would happen.”

However, Zwick admitted that after every argument, the two would make up with each other. “It was never personal. Brad is an honest, straightforward person and a pleasure to be with […]. He was always focused on giving his best. When all is said and done, the finished film […] It showed the depth of our passion. Was it worth it? I have to admit that I do.”

The director also revealed that he believed Pitt was dissatisfied with the final version of the film. According to Zwick, this was because his favorite shot was cut. The actor was also embarrassed when People magazine named him the sexiest man in the world. “It's neither his work nor his fault,” Zwick joked.

The film “Winds of Passion” premiered at the end of 1994. The film won an Academy Award for John Toll's cinematography. In addition to Pitt, the film also starred Anthony Hopkins, Julia Ormond, and Aidan Quinn.

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