“My son, Ezra.”  The perfect story for Father’s Day
  • “My Son Ezra” is the directorial debut of actor Tony Goldwyn, known for “Ghost” and the “Scandal” series, among other films.
  • The main roles were played by Bobby Cannavale and Rose Byrne. In the film, they played an ex-couple, while in real life they have been in a relationship since 2012.
  • Robert De Niro took on the role of Ezra’s grandfather because he himself has an autistic son

Max (Bobby Cannavale) is a famous comedy writer trying out stand-up comedy. He has a successful agent (Whoopi Goldberg) and a temper that gets him into more and more trouble. In fact, he was “banned” in the community for punching Conan O’Brien in the…testicles. “I was aiming for the stomach, but the guy is tall!” – He admits his disarming sincerity. However, in his chaotic life an opportunity to redeem himself appears. Jimmy Kimmel’s envoy is scheduled to watch one of his shows. The invitation to the program is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Max. However, personal problems may get in your way. His beloved son, Ezra (William Fitzgerald), is on the autism spectrum, while his father, Stan, is a grumpy New York bear straight out of a… Robert De Niro. Oh wait… maybe that’s why Robert De Niro plays him?

Max has a different perspective on his son’s autism than his ex-wife, Gina (Rose Byrne). They had a united front, but Jenna now lives with a successful lawyer (Tony Goldwyn, for whom this is his feature film debut) and they share custody of Ezra, who has an exceptionally and surprisingly strong relationship with his grandfather, Stan. However, more problems at the boy’s school cause the parents’ attitude to change dramatically. At the request of the specialists, she agreed to let Ezra go to a private facility and begin taking medications. On the other hand, Max still believes that his intelligent son, who lives in his own inner world, will be able to cope in a traditional school. He sees doctors as drug dealers for pharmaceutical companies.

Due to an argument with an arrogant doctor, Max is imprisoned and forbidden from approaching his beloved child. So Ezra is dosed with drugs that Max cannot tolerate. So at night he kidnaps the boy and runs to his eccentric friend (Rainn Wilson) in Michigan, a stop on the way to Jimmy Kimmel himself. Stan and Jenna, who don’t like each other, start stalking them. Both spouses will have to undergo a transformation on the way. Well, the road movie formula had to be retained in a film like this.

There are a lot of well-worn clichés and predictable resolutions in this story, but there’s something about this movie that makes it impossible to dismiss. It’s honesty. In the script, Tony Spiridakis described his relationship with his son on the autism spectrum, who, like Max, wanted to become a non-autistic person at all costs. He realized that this was the road to nowhere. On this subject, “My Son Ezra” is the most influential and has great educational value. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean it’s an educational film. Rather, it is a father’s confession and a love letter to his son. Max learns how to light his autistic son’s path as a father, rather than forcing him to change him, while Ezra overcomes subsequent fears by coming into contact with new surroundings and new people, and integrates into his surroundings with increasing boldness. Everything is played precisely and with great sensitivity. Bobby Cannavale creates a complete acting role that is very engaging for the audience.

There are some subtextual jokes here, which underscore the text (although spoken with the charm of the great Wilson, who will always be Dwight from “The Office” to me) that each of us is on some kind of spectrum. seriously? I did not know! What’s infuriating is the excessive melodrama and the clumsy, unreliable and childish plot to hunt down Max, which involves… the FBI. However, the irritation soon subsides thanks to subsequent acting performances, such as the heartbreaking final conversation between De Niro and Cannavale, when the former, who has played most of the film on the “De Niro autopilot” model of recent years, mentions the reason for his departure. One of the greatest actors in the history of American cinema.

“My Son Ezra” is a picture of pure love between father and son that shows the world of an autistic person with respect and grace and helps viewers understand his perception. Could you ask for something more this coming Father’s Day?


“My son Ezra” (Ezra), Dr. Tony Goldwyn, USA 2024, Distribution: Monolith Films, Premiere in cinema: June 21, 2024.

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