Will Polish Comedy Conquer Netflix and Stand on the Podium?

The next installment of the “Love Squared” series will premiere on Netflix this Wednesday. “Love to an Infinite Square” is a story announcing an unexplained development in which the love of Monica and Enzo will be put to the test. Will he succeed and stand on the podium in the rankings? Time will come true.

Will the next part of the continuation of the adventure in the “Love Square” be a hit? Time will tell, but given the devastating defeat in the first two segments, he wouldn’t expect much.

What is the whole chain?

The entire series consists of films in the category of Polish romantic comedies.

The first part of the seriessquare loveSubmit to us The life of a journalist – a depraved womanizerwho, at a crucial moment in his life, reconsidered the choices he had made.

square love

When change happens He falls in love with a modele, whose life is not as simple as it might seem. Because she lives a double life.

However, the production did not win the sympathy of the Polish audience, receiving average ratings Rating 4.2 Based on 16,700 reviews.

Love squared again

Sequel to “Love Squares Again” Focuses on the next stage of a journalist’s life, This time with the teacher. The relationship encounters difficulties after the woman decides to change jobs.

Also, this movie was not well received by the audience Only 4.1 stars.

Announcing a sequelUnlimited square loveIt will be full of surprises. The film follows the story of Enzo’s proposal to Monica.

However, Enzo’s ex-partner Ewa, who is the mother of his child, appears in their lives, causing much confusion.

Source: Youtube Netflix Poland

Enzo’s decision to invite Ewa to his home with Monica causes a whole host of turmoil that has the potential to have unexpected consequences for the whole family.

Who will you see on screen?

The cast includes many actors, but it will include Adriana Chlebica, Mateusz Panasieuk, Ina Sopala, Tomas Karolac, Monika Krzykowska, Miroslav Backa, Helena Mazur, Krzysztof Czczew, Jaroslav Marciniak, Jacek Knapp, Ewa Kolasinska Zaramel, Izabela Dabrowska and Sebastian Stankiewicz. .

Directed by Philip Zilber, the screenplay is written by Viktor Petkowski and Natalia Matuszyk. And it is thanks to their cooperation that we can follow the fate of the heroes of this series.

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