When will the war in Ukraine end?

The war in Ukraine will continue until at least 2024, because in 2023 it is unlikely that either side will achieve a major victory or be willing to negotiate, the Washington Post reported, citing classified US documents leaked in recent days to the media.

The Russians are stepping up tracking down people who are not welcome in the occupied territories

In the Donetsk region of Ukraine, the Russian occupation forces have increased the number of checkpoints, conducting so-called liquidation operations – …

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Analysts of the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) predict that even if the Ukrainian army will be able to recapture a significant part of the occupied territories and inflict heavy losses on the invaders, This will not lead to Kiev’s willingness to hold talks with Moscow.

The most likely scenario, however, assumes a different development of events. According to Washington, the year 2023 will end as a result of which both sides will make “extremely small” territorial gains. Insufficient manpower and supply (capacity) to conduct effective operations. – We read on the “WP” portal.

Attacks on Russian soil?

The situation at the front, which can be described as a stalemate, may lead to a change in the mood of Ukrainian society and to increasingly widespread criticism of the way the war is being conducted. It is also likely that in the conditions of a “conflict of attrition” the authorities in Kiev will be forced to draw on all available reserves and send more young men to the front, according to leaked US intelligence documents.

According to the same source, the Ukrainian side may focus more on launching attacks against targets on Russian territory. However, it does not seem likely that the Kremlin will decide to use nuclear weapons against Ukraine in any of the scenarios considered.

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Beheading of a Ukrainian soldier. Wagnerian acknowledges his colleagues

Most likely, mercenaries from the Wagner Group are behind the brutal murder of a beheaded Ukrainian soldier. The perpetrators were identified by the fugitive …

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US Military Intelligence Assessment Negotiations in Kiev and Moscow will not begin until one of the parties has been exhausted, which currently seems far-fetched.

Release of top secret documents

On April 7, the Wall Street Journal reported that more than a hundred top secret documents from various US government agencies had been posted on social media. Secret material has been posted in the Minecraft discussion forums on Discord.

The day before, documents of plans to prepare Ukrainian battalions for the spring counteroffensive appeared on Russian Twitter and Telegram channels.

The materials, the authenticity of which has not been officially confirmed, contain highly sensitive data about the war in Ukraine. In addition, documents containing information for daily briefings were included, addressed to Pentagon Chief Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley.

Most of them are marked “top secret” and may have come from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and US military command.

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