Ukrainian Prosecutor’s Office: Journalist Maxim Levin was killed by Russian forces

The head of the office of the President of Ukraine, Andrei Yermak, reported on Saturday that journalist Maxim Levin, who disappeared on the front line in the Kyiv region, was killed. The Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office said Levin was killed by Russian soldiers.

“Professional photographer and journalist Max Owen died. He went missing on March 13 in the combat zone of the Kyiv region. On April 1, his body was found near the village of Huta Meżyhirska. I am very sad, I feel sorry for his wife and children “, wrote Germak on Saturday in a reporter Telegram.

Later, the Public Prosecutor announced the killing of the journalist by the Russian army, and an investigation was opened. According to preliminary findings, Levin was killed with two firearms. The journalist was not armed.

The photojournalist went to the front line

After Owen’s disappearance, it was reported that on 13 March he would go to the front lines in a private car, and then leave the car near Huta Meżyhirska. The neighborhood in which the journalist found himself at the time was an area of ​​intense military operations.

a look: The war in Ukraine. She fights in Enerhodarze. Media: Loud explosions and gunshots in the city center

The 41-year-old Owen was a photojournalist and documentary filmmaker. He has collaborated, among others, with Reuters and Associated Press, as well as the BBC, Turkish media company TRT World and Ukraine’s Hromadske online channel.


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