Massive Russian missile attack.  There's a Joe Biden reaction

US President Joe Biden said in response to the indiscriminate Russian bombing in Ukraine, “This is a strong reminder to the world that after almost two years of this devastating war, Putin's goal has not changed.” The leader stated that American aid could only flow under one condition.

Friday's attack was the largest Russian airstrike since the start of the war in Ukraine that hit Russian missiles, among others, in A maternity hospital, a shopping center and residential complexes.

Massive Russian missile attack. “This is a reminder”

This is a powerful reminder to the worldAnd after nearly two years of this devastating war, Putin's goal remains unchanged. It seeks to annihilate Ukraine and subjugate its people. Joe Biden said, according to what Reuters reported, that it must stop.

The leader noted that although Ukraine is using air defense systems provided by the United States to defend itself against bombing and that they have helped save the lives of many people, More aid depends on Congress's decision.

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Unless Congress takes urgent action in the new year, We will not be able to continue sending weapons and major air defense systemsThat Ukraine needs to protect people. The President noted that Congress must rise to the challenge and act without delay. Negotiations on this matter were announced in the Senate on January 8.

Russian missile on Polish territory

The president stressed that Ukraine is not alone at stake, but rather the entire North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the security of Europe, because Putin also threatened some of America's allies, and a Russian victory may later mean dragging the United States into another war in Europe.

We cannot let our allies and partners down. We cannot let Ukraine down. The Head of State said that history will severely judge those who do not heed the call of freedom.

“In the large-scale attacks launched by Russian forces on Ukraine 30 people died on Friday and more than 160 others were injured” – said Ukrainian Interior Minister Ihor Klimenko.

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An incident also occurred on the night of Thursday to Friday Violation of Polish airspace by a Russian missile. The object was registered by air defense system radars.

“In accordance with established procedures The Operations Commander of the Armed Forces mobilized the available forces and resources It remained at his disposal,” we read in the statement.

As reported by the White House, “US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said in a conversation with the head of the National Security Office, Jacek Siwira. Willingness to provide technical assistance Regarding reports of violation of Polish airspace with a missile.

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