“I'd rather be cleaning septic tanks than opening a restaurant,” says Richard Martino.

Columnist Richard Martineau sympathizes with restaurants facing increasingly deplorable behavior from customers.

And Article from 24 Heures It reveals that restaurant owners are reporting more cases of theft from cutlery to decorations.

During his speech on Le Québec Matin on Thursday, Mr. Martino lamented the situation.

“There are 25 people who take reservations and don't show up, but also people who steal things from restaurants,” he says.

“I humbly admit, when I went to Paris Cafe de Flore, I took cardboard boxes and sugar packets as souvenirs, but there people go to restaurants, steal cutlery, frames, decorative elements, plants, he continues. People are very wild.

According to the Kup radio host, these behaviors are unacceptable.

“Suppose you invited me to your place for dinner, and I stole two or three knives and a frame from your room, took it down and left, we wouldn't do that, why do we do that in restaurants?” , he asks.

“I like to take my hat off to restaurants,” he shares. I think cleaning septic tanks is better than opening a restaurant.

Watch Richard Martino's full column in the video above

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