Will employees come to protest at PGE GiEK headquarters?  It’s about money

Mine and power plant The situation is tense at PGE’s subsidiaries. Employees still have not received raises and negotiations are ongoing. Unionists are threatening to stage a sit-in protest in front of the traditional headquarters of PGE Górnictwo i Energetyka.

Salary negotiations are at issue Excites For employees Subsidiaries of PGE As for the second half of this year, it stopped. The following trade unions sat down for talks with the employer: ZZ Kadra, MK WZZ August 80, NSZZ “Solidarność”, ZZ Górnictwa Węgla Brunatnego, Continuous Mobility Workers’ Union KWB Bełchatów and ZZ “Konto” KWB Bełchatów.

– So far, no agreement on wages has been signed in any of the companies for the second half of 2023, although this obligation falls on the employer by the deadline at the end of July – unionists reported.

As reported, employers suggested Increase of PLN 250 In companies Elbes I Elbest Hotel And 100 PLN in Ramba and Petran.

Turn in Bestgumie, Megaserwisie, and Elbest Security Boards of directors of these companies They don’t want to agree to any raises. The unionists have already announced that they are entering into a collective dispute with the employer. They also reported that an amount of PLN 2.7 thousand was provided to employees. PLN one-time bonus.

– Our trade union organizations put things in the reverse order – first negotiate and sign an agreement on increasing the basic salary, and only then pay a one-time bonus. At the same time, employers consider that they cannot afford any increases, except for the special bonus of PLN 2,700, which will not be included in the wage index, trade unions reported.

They stressed that they do not intend to agree to such a proposal, warning at the same time that if an agreement is not reached, they will “refer to the will of the company’s employees” and A protest sit-in will be organized in front of the PGE GiEK headquarters.

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