January 22, 2022


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Dresden power outage - lifts, trams and traffic lights stopped working.  Supposed to be a balloon |  world News

Dresden power outage – lifts, trams and traffic lights stopped working. Supposed to be a balloon | world News

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As I mentioned News agency, German police It addresses the topic of a power outage for several hundred families in Dresden, which occurred on Monday, September 13 at around 2 pm. Preliminary results indicate that the cause fail It was…a balloon.

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Dresden. Big power outage. The failure affected about 300,000. Farms

As a result of this failure, there were blackouts of about 300,000. Houses, as well as hospitals, factories and trams. Some stores were also closed, and all traffic lights stopped working. The gate says that many people were also trapped in the elevators newsfounded.com.

Already at about 15 o’clock about 95 percent. The city and the surrounding area have been electrified. Now, however, the police are dealing with the reasons for the failure.

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Germany. The police are investigating the causes of the blackout. Was it caused by a balloon?

According to the police, this major malfunction was supposed to have been caused by a metallic foil balloon that caused a short circuit in the electrical substation in Dresden. A spokesperson for SachsenEnergie that handles delivery energy In eastern Saxony, he said a charred aluminum balloon was found near a substation on Tuesday. There was a clear warning on him that he should not fly near electrical wires – we read on the AP website.

Thomas Geithner, Dresden spokesman the policeHe added, however, that on For now There is no evidence to suggest that the balloon was intentionally directed at the cables.

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“We assume it was a lack of caution or just coincidence at best,” he said, adding that it may not have been a motivated attack. politically, although it cannot be 100% ruled out.