Will Baron Zemo return in the MCU?  The actor is sure that the villain “is not dead”

Baron Zemo made his first appearance in the MCU with the movie Captain America: Civil WarIt pits Steve Rogers and Tony Stark against each other, revealing the horrific truth about the death of the billionaire’s parents. The villain is back in the series The Falcon and the Winter SoldierWhere he helped the title characters for some time. It looks like it would be the perfect production for this opponent’s next comeback Lightning*But playing this character Daniel Brühl He was not included in the film’s cast. Marvel’s plans for this villain are unknown, but the actor himself believes that he will have the opportunity to play this role again.

Baron Zemo hasn’t said his final word in the MCU yet

In an interview with Screen Rant, Brühl admitted that Baron Zemo is not dead and that he is ready to participate in the next MCU production:

Everything is fine for me, I can wait. [śmiech] I am a very patient person. Actually, no, I’m not, but it’s funny because in the meantime I had just finished working on a show called The Franchise, which is actually a satire of the superhero world, so it was nice to switch sides, so to speak. But Marvel has a great sense of humor, so they’ll probably find this as funny as I do. Who knows, my character isn’t dead. I’m sure I will come back.

At the moment, it is unknown whether the actor will have the opportunity to return to his role in Phase 5 of the Marvel Universe, or whether he will have to wait for the next phase. As confirmed by Daniel Brühl himself, Baron Zemo is still in the game, so he may appear in a future Marvel production.

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