The Abbot’s Palace is waiting for Barbie.  Should the city promote a commercial film?

In Gdańsk’s official Facebook profile there is an entry referring to movie “Barbie”which is now hitting theatres. The author of the post wanted to point out the growing popularity of the film on social media. The distributor has not paid for this listing.

“Hello Barbie, she will appear in Poland in a few days, that’s why we have prepared a chic villa for you” – an entry with such content appeared on Wednesday afternoon in Gdańsk fan page on Facebook.
The entrance is accompanied by a photograph of the abbots’ palace in Oliwa, edited by the graphic designer. The pink elements on the building’s facade and roof, the Cadillacs, the flamingo and the lounge chairs by the pool clearly allude to the aesthetics of the film and the entire pop culture phenomenon, the Barbie doll. There is also an active link in the post Barbie’s official Facebook page.

In about two hours, the post had amassed nearly 1,000 reactions, of which the positive ones prevailed: thumbs up and hearts (over 700). There are a lot of sarcastic reactions (about 200), but few voices of indignation or anger.

It is similar in the comments dominated by fans of the movie who don’t mind the promotional nature of the post. But there are also negative voices.

The truth is, the post on the city’s website fits perfectly with the current z-production craze Margot Robbie And Ryan Goslig championship. The official Polish premiere of the film will be held on July 21, however The film will be shown in some cinemas today, July 19.

Barbie – Trailer

Marketing in real time on a city profile

Social media has been abuzz with Barbie for months now, and now, just before the premiere, the production’s promotional campaign has entered its crucial phase. Therefore, the city side operator showed a sense of the so-called real-time marketing, that is, the quick response to the winners trends in social media. It is also a tribute to moviegoers and young adults who are looking forward to the premiere. The city has shown that it has distance and that it is up to date with what is happening in popular culture.

Free promotion of productions to millions

On the other hand, we are talking about a Hollywood blockbuster with millions of dollars in promotion budgets. Should the city’s official profile support commercial actions that are not directly related to it and are not related to it in any way? And what about other films or popular commercial projects: will they also be able to count on this kind of promotion?

Administrators: In this way we promote a landmark of the city

– We promote Gdańsk and one of the city’s landmarks, the Abbots’ Palace, using RTM (Real Time Marketing), which consists in posting content referring to current events. There are topics in which the entire Internet “lives” and we are happy to introduce these elements in our communications, adjusting them appropriately to the context – he explains Isabella Kosica Bros From the judge of Gdansk.
As he notes, RTM practice is used by many entities and organizations out there in social media. The premiere of the film, whose heroine is a cult figure, is a great excuse to show a city that has a distance from itself and is able to talk about what is happening in the lives of its inhabitants in an unconventional way.

– It should be noted that over the past few days and weeks, many similar creations have appeared on social media, the creators of which use the image of Barbie to impose their version. They did, among other things: Lodz city whether RzeszowAnd many other entities – Isabella Kosica Bruce confirms

  • A reference to the Barbie movie (and the Oppenheimer movie) on the Facebook page in Lodz ...
  • ...and Rzeszów.

It is reported that the city has already referred to popular films or series in its social media. This was the case, for example in the case of a movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” or string Weird things.

About Barbie at

If you are curious about whether it is worth going to the “Barbie” cinema, follow the portal: we will publish a review on Saturday. The day before, you’d read another, equally awaited review vying with Barbie for the title of hottest movie hit of the summer: “OppenheimerChristopher Nolan.

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