December 2, 2022


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To God at the Queen's Bridge.  Those who missed the movie selection can apply for extras by email

To God at the Queen’s Bridge. Those who missed the movie selection can apply for extras by email

I want an adventure. See how movies are made and it’s a continuation of the “U Pana Boga…” series and I love it so much – Przemysław Łapiński smiles. He came to the casting in Tykocin with the whole family. Similar meetings were held on Saturday in Sokochka and Subrail. The “U Pana Boga w Królowego Most” team begins work at the end of August.

The tail of those eager to appear in the next part of Jacek Bromski’s “U Pana Boga …” at the port of culture in Tykocin set up in the morning. Here, among other things, the next part of the successful film and its serial counterpart will be filmed.

– We love this movie. I watched each part multiple times. I liked them all. They were shot in Podlasie, after all – admits Przemysław Łapiński.

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He came to the cast of Tykocin with his wife and young daughter. – I would like us all to appear, but my wife is a little shy – he jokes. He adds earnestly that he is very interested in what the work on the movie looks like, how the team members behave at work, and how the movie set is organized. – I just want the director to show how beautiful she is this time our area has evolved. Because you have to admit that previous episodes established stereotypes about Podlasie’s back, even the police travel there with Polonaise — he says.

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