Legacy of monsters.  Godzilla and Kong conspiracy theory [RECENZJA odc. 1 i 2]

Quality is one thing, but it also lacks flair – the effects are garish rather than stunning.

The monster movie universe created by Warner Bros. It’s one of the few universes that still holds my attention. This space is being built much slower, with fewer branches, than Marvel, but it certainly still has momentum. So there have been movies about great monster clashes, there was an animated series about one of them, and now it’s time for a reality series.

The growth of this world matches the pace of Godzilla’s movement, but what’s more important is that every step here has a major impact… or does it?

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Produced by Apple, but it is not stagnant. The first two episodes did not fill my heart with enough optimism and satisfaction to look forward to the next parts. However, I can’t say they didn’t pique my curiosity. However, I have serious doubts whether the series will be able to hold my attention until the end. Most important things first.

The idea chosen by the creators of this production is simple. It involves exploiting the world and touching on moral themes, doing exactly what there was no time to do in feature films. This takes place with the participation of the main character with Asian features, who, while searching for the truth about her father, falls into the heart of a conspiracy related to the mysterious Monarch organization. Will a brave confrontation with a brutal threat truly do her any good?

I don’t know. But I know the show might not do well for us if the creators told the story in this way that was hard to digest. I did not expect that in the first episodes I would be immediately surprised by the monster scenes. However, I got it and… I can’t say it was satisfactory. I don’t know what the production budget was, but CGI is a problem Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, because it appears to have been made by constantly rushed Marvel professionals, or even worse. Quality is one thing, but it also lacks flair – the effects are garish rather than stunning.

Another thing is the tone, which gives the impression of being too childish and arrogant. It’s funny that what appears to be a co-production, with most of it set in Japan, is still so American in its delivery. The dialogue pattern is annoying to the ear, and the characters chosen to lead the story are not at all interesting and have as much depth as an empty bowl of soup.

The situation is not helped by the charisma of Kurt Russell, the project’s biggest co-star. The actor appears in the second episode right after the tired plot pattern of an elderly expert who knows more than the group of heroes allows him to enter the stage. However, Russell is playing lazy and it’s hard to say that will change now. The interesting fact is that he appears in the production with his son Wyatt, who plays his younger version. Perhaps I’m coming to this conclusion prematurely, but in my opinion, the young actor has not inherited even a small portion of his father’s charisma.

So I’m stuck in an emotional slump after watching these opening two episodes. I feel like I’ll be watching the next installments out of journalistic decency. This is not what I expected from the first live-action series in this universe, especially when I remember how long it took me to pick my jaw off the floor after watching it. Godzilla vs. Likes. I won’t say that the metaphor that this time, instead of war, Godzilla refers to the crisis of the pandemic and the specter of its return looming over us, wasn’t interesting. almost. But the virus of this production is a cliché and there is no cure for it.

Jacob Pionski

Jacob Pionski

A cultural expert, passionate about popular culture, especially films, series, computer games and comics. He loves to travel far to wonderful and unknown regions due to his fascination with science fiction. But professionally, he often looks to the past, thanks to his work as a promotions specialist at a museum, where he investigates the mysteries of cinematography’s beginnings. His favorite movie is “The Matrix” because it combines two fields close to his heart: religion and martial arts.

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