December 9, 2022


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Carolina Corwin Piotrowska bitterly about Wiktoria Josifska: "Perhaps the celebrity, however, does not translate to charm and talent on screen"

Carolina Corwin Piotrowska bitterly about Wiktoria Josifska: “Perhaps the celebrity, however, does not translate to charm and talent on screen”

And Victoria Josefska He achieved the success that each of the beginnings of the series dreamed of, including famous celebrities / influencers / young actresses. Victoria began acting in series as a child, and as she grew up, she did not withdraw from show business, but managed her career in a way They earn more than just appearing on screen. The 23-year-old says she’s not thinking about studying at the moment, so why study if you’re making good money on celebrities: And Victoria Josifska has enough questions about the studies: ‘This is not the right moment yet’

From time to time Gąsiewska Appears on screen – one of her last major roles is “Created” Camila in the movie “Karim’s Story. A Love Story”.. It’s a gangster world created by the same production and acting team that spawned the counter-strike in recent years, i.e. “Game”. Suffice it to add that “The Story of Krime” and “Gierek” hit theaters at the same time and it is already known that both productions maintain their relatively low profile.

I also watched “Karim’s Story. A Love Story” Carolina Corwin Piotrovskawho appreciated the efforts of mainly male actors, but had a much worse opinion about the impact of the directors’ work.

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(…) The beginning is nice, we even got the champs but Twelve minutes or so later, a mess begins so big that a Marie Kondo movie won’t be able to solve it – The journalist writes. (…) The Węgrzyn brothers love cinema, they don’t know it well with cinematic discipline, technique, ability to edit and discard themes that have been forced into history, without sense, system and composition. But the acting is great, mostly male: Cezary Łukaszewicz finally plays a major role and does not disappoint, as usual Pyotr Witkowski, duet with Gabriela Muskała a gem – I would have done from him; Gorgeous in the episodes: Mysek Kotersky, Cesare Shack, Jan Fritsch and Krzysztof Kolowski – the last invaluable role. There is also a cute little dog, and he loves dog cinema.

Unfortunately, the female characters in this movie are schematic, we’re in the 21st century! Kożuchowska should fire the hairdresserbut besides, she’s finally the mother of a teen, and that potentially interesting role is blurred in the cold frames Corwin Piotrovska notes. The potential for the character played by Wiktoria Josewska, the main female character, was greater, but popularity in social media and celebrity probably doesn’t translate into charisma and talent on screen. Likewise, a group of her friends: a pretty face, a pretty frieze, a bunch of swearing, and cool style isn’t enough. It’s enough for Instagram, not enough for a movie. But it looks beautiful in the photo.

So what’s the final evaluation of “Krime’s Story. A Love Story” according to Carolina Corwin Piotrowska? It turns out that This is a movie made more “for Instagram”. From cinema, certainly not for the demanding viewer.

Exactly: Hungarians love beautiful, attractive, colorful and elegant images, well-chosen songs and strong background music, they are good at it, and worse at storytelling, editing and simple logic. Commercial success is not enough, it is appropriate to apply a little humility. And more workshop. Make friends with a good editor – I recommend and maybe a script doctor, who will objectively evaluate the script so that there is no bullshit. But I am waiting for their next movie. Because they love cinema – concludes the journalist.

Do you agree with her? And most importantly, will Gąsiewska undertake such a review?

Is Bitter Carolina capable of saying something nice?

After all, this gasiewska is not an actress… She got one role in the series, she promoted herself in social media and that’s it. Don’t make an actress. Is it in the movies? This is clearly a market need (read: its 13-year-old fans)

Gąsiewska has no talent, so she eagerly undresses in films, because in this way she can attract the attention of a wealthy potential patron and father of children.

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This is why some are actors and some are celebrities. The only actress who can’t act is Korfuchowska

What a movie, such a reviewer. Corwin-Pietrovska’s gossip is worth nothing just for a B and C movie. There’s no telling. It is the same as the cover of the so-called szołbiznesu, as reviewed by the film, Gosiewska or Kożuchowska. So much for this topic.

☘️ ☘️ ☘️ ☘️

3 min. since

The only thing Gąsiewska can do is undress for her role. It shouldn’t be something you’re proud of. The great ukaszewicz and Witkowski usually didn’t have the opportunity to show what they could do. A movie that is quickly forgotten.

Ms. Gosiewska may not be a prominent actress. But it looks great and pleases the eye of the viewer. Mrs. Piotrovska, on the other hand, is nobody. Lack of talent, appearance and achievements. Nothing happened in her life, absolutely nothing. I wrote one book that no one will read. It can’t even be called a celebrity. He pours out his frustrations on others. She would have had some decency, but that didn’t suit her. You should not comment on topics you have no idea about.

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Zenon Martinyuk, Danusia and Daniel may go to Eurovision next year.

Zenon Martinyuk, Danusia and Daniel may go to Eurovision next year.

Zenon Martinyuk, Danusia and Daniel may go to Eurovision next year.

Zenon Martinyuk, Danusia and Daniel may go to Eurovision next year.

Read a lady’s book and then comment on the actress’ acting. She played the role very well. When I saw the trailer, I knew the actress was the perfect match as described in the book.

Welcome ????? !! …

11 minutes ago

A “journalist” wrote a book condemning criticism of the actors and hate speech, she herself criticizes the actors and spreads hate speech…

Cultural elites, crap. Rumors and hate. What is this lady from the “intellectual” Warsaw family doing????

free ukraine…

12 minutes ago

Uchmann was weak. Daria would be better.

The end of Poland’s Ukraine!!