June 3, 2023


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Why didn't Lewandowski score a penalty kick?  Scientists have studied it - O2

Why didn’t Lewandowski score a penalty kick? Scientists have studied it – O2

On Saturday, the Polish national team will play a “lifetime” match during the Qatar World Cup. At 14:00, the White-Reds will face Saudi Arabia, who sensationally defeated Argentina (2: 1) in the first round of the group stage.

However, the country is still alive with what happened in the first match of the Poles in the tournament. Let us remind you that the team led by Cicelao Micenovic had victory within their reach. Robert Lewandowski missed a penalty kick in the second half of the match.

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Fans and pundits noted that during the penalty kick, Lewandowski lacked his signature stop before striking. Even scientists from GdaƄsk University of Technology have looked into the case. According to them, this change was one of the reasons for the failure.

The “left” modified its way of moving and did not, as usual, change the pace in the previous period. Previously, he would always slow down immediately before kicking the ball, but this time he ran towards it at a more or less constant speed. Consequently, his movement before the kick was less springy, and his foot moved along a flat trajectory – as described by the prof. Aleksandra Miliucek-Grio, quoted by radiogdansk.pl.

Professor Beata Boschenten However, the scientific details brought Eleven closer to the performance.

Since every collision, in this case of the foot against the ball, is governed by the principles of conservation of momentum and energy, the speed of the foot before kicking the ball and the angle at which the shoe hits the ball translate directly into the angle and speed at which the ball flies towards the goal – she said.

This time it definitely flew very flat and slow. Our captain may have wanted to confuse the opponent and change his shooting style, but sometimes it’s better not to tweak something that has worked so well so far

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