Have you seen the picture of the black hole?  Now you can listen to it

The first image of a supermassive black hole in the center of our galaxy Astronomers showed the world May 12. Now you can also listen to it. Radio waves emitted by Sagittarius A* researchers from the Chandra X Ray Observatory decided to turn into sounds.

The first recordings are actually quite cosmic. It’s hype. If we put on headphones or have stereo speakers, it will show us How does matter move around a black hole?. The velocity of matter orbiting the black hole was converted into the pitch of sounds – matter closer to it spins faster (high pitches), and farther away more slowly (low pitches).

In the second recording, radio sounds from the galactic center, the neighborhood of SgtA*, were processed. These sounds are very similar to the clatter of musical instruments in the Far East.

You can see in the video About the supermassive black hole in the center of our galaxy. It turned infrared rays into orange and purple, and X-rays into blue. The pitch of the sounds corresponds to the frequencies of the radiation, and the intensity of the sounds corresponds to the brightness of the sources.

Why do scientists make recordings as small as they look? Not for fun.

Physicist Scott Bolton of the Southwest Research Institute is the lead on the Juno science team, which last year converted the magnetic field of Jupiter’s moon Ganymede into sound. Then explain it The audio allows researchers to capture various details that might otherwise be missed When analyzing data, for example in the form of tables or charts.

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