Karolina Pesarek got into the movie thanks to Banasiuk.  Did you put it on the set?

Carolina Pesarek She admitted that the second time on set wasn’t as stressful for her as the first. The star has already appeared in “365 days”About a year and a half ago, and she was very nervous at the time.

As they say “the first step is the hardest” and it worked in the case of the book. She reappeared in front of the cameras and got so much better.

“This time I felt very comfortable on set because I was surrounded by so much care. They really took care of me. They kept asking me if I was cold, and wanted to bring tea, so I was really treated very well– Karolina Pesarek admitted in an interview with wife Damien Glinka Roger Sala She even compared the plan to her home. I felt so good there!

During her work, Carolina could count on the support of her assistant W Mateusz Panaseukwho played with her in many scenes. It turns out that it was he who cast the 25-year-old in another production.

Thanks to this, the pretty celebrity didn’t even have to compete for a casting role!

As we found out, Carolina played a role on the set not much different from what she does every day, because she played … a celebrity! Therefore, no additional testing was required to get it into the movie.

Probably, before making the final decision, the producers got acquainted with the story of the writers, who have several modeling gigs on their account, in which he developed.

The writers, who are passionate about her work, have made it no secret that she intends to kill life in handfuls and “take it by the horns,” so don’t rule out that someday we’ll see her on the big screen.

You’ve already caught the movie’s bug and won’t hesitate to “help happiness.” She declared that waiting with arms folded was not for her, and in addition to looking for proposals, she would also apply for her dream roles on her own.

Karolina Pisarek also told us that the production in which she starred with Mateusz Panasiuk will be shown in cinemas in the second half of 2023.

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