June 7, 2023


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Who is Ed Alder?  The Incredible Story of a Truck Driver Who Defeated the Left Baron

Who is Ed Alder? The Incredible Story of a Truck Driver Who Defeated the Left Baron

Sweeney is a former union member who won the 2001 Senate election, defeating Republican Raymond Zinn, who held a third seat in Wing for eight terms. Thanks to union sponsors, he was able to spend three times as much as his competitor, about $1.8 million, on that campaign. It was New Jersey’s most expensive election, and the record was broken just two years later.

Since then, Sweeney has won the next election without any problems, and at the same time he has become chairman of the Senate majority and president of the state senate. It soared in 2017. As a result of the multi-year struggle, the New Jersey Education Association, which routinely supports left-wing candidates, backed Republican Fran Grenier and spent nearly $4.8 million on support. Sweeney once again benefited from the support of his sponsors, spending nearly $14 million on the campaign and beating him 59% to 41%, the best result of his career. On the other hand, the campaign itself is considered the most costly campaign for state legislatures in US history.

Some time ago, Ed Alder, who had been a truck driver for 25 years, decided to request permission to carry a firearm. Left ruling for a long time, New Jersey has relatively strict regulations and anyone applying for such a permit must bear in mind that it will not be granted. But when his local sheriff told him he didn’t even have to bother because he wouldn’t get one anyway, Durr was upset because he was turned down, even though he had no conflict with the law. Then he began to think about how to become a politician and change it.

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He made his first attempt in 2019, when he ran for the General Assembly – the House of Representatives in the state Congress. But the two seats in his constituency were won by Democrats, coming in this latest election with 21.9%. However, he did not abandon his plans and this year decided to run for the Senate. This means challenging Sweeney, who is considered one of the most influential politicians in New Jersey.

Dor’s job is made easier by the fact that, given Sweeney’s position and the experience of the 2017 election, no Republican was eager to run. In the United States, this is not unusual – if the position of the candidate is exceptionally strong, then representatives of the other side often do not waste time and money on an election campaign that will not bring them success anyway. So Alder collected hundreds of required signatures on the endorsement lists and ran in the Republican primary, winning 100% of the vote as the only candidate.

But this was only the first and easiest step. After receiving the official Republican nomination, Alder began his election campaign. This ad consisted of an election ad that his son recorded on the phone due to lack of funds, and ended up exclusively on his social media. Thanks to it, he was able to raise about $ 10,000 from donors. However, campaign adjustments filed in late October indicate that he spent $153-$66 only on coffee and cookies for “election crew” members and the rest on business cards and flyers. The campaign was also hampered by the fact that his father died two weeks ago – As his mother told the media, Al-Durr divided his time during his meetings with voters and his visits in the hospital.

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Sweeney’s victory was so obvious to everyone that no one in this election bothered to run a poll. Absolutely no one believed that Durr had any chance, and if the local media ever mentions him, it’s just curiosity. The biggest surprise was when he started counting the votes and it turned out that the two of them were face to face. An official winner has yet to be announced, but NBC10 reports that Alder has received 52% of the more than 33,000 votes cast in his constituency, denying Sweeney the seat. Everyone admits it It was one of the most shocking election results in the United States.

Alder himself openly admits that he has no idea about politics and will have to learn everything. In an interview with journalist Rachel Campos, Duffy promised, however, that in the Senate he would be the voice of ordinary people.

If there’s one thing people will know about me quickly, it’s that I’m loud – and I don’t shut up when I want to be heard.

– He said.

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