League of Legends and other Riot Games are now available on the Epic Games Store

og³osi³ . epic games cooperation From Riot Games, thanks to which the games of the last studio have been added to the Epic Games Store. I’m talking about hits like League of LegendsAnd valuationAnd Legends of Runeterra And Teamfight Tactics. Downloading each of these items from the Epica Store will start the installation of the new item Client Riot Games was released earlier this month.

Regular players will still be able to log into their existing accounts and use the same friend list what was before. Steve Allison?? Vice President and CEO of Epic Games Store This is how he commented:

Riot Games is one of the world’s leading developers and brands in the entertainment world. We’re glad he’s partnered with us to make his titles available to millions of new players through the Epic Games Store.

To celebrate this partnership, Riot has made a decision for the first time in its 12-year history League of Legends Introduce a hero in a game from another studio. And so on It is an electronic game The blue-haired Jinx will be arriving soon as a playable character. It will happen tomorrow (November 5th) at 1:00 AM. Besides, the production will include an axe, spray, backpack, lobby soundtrack, and two loading screens, all relating to her own style.

?? W It is an electronic game Cooperation has been established at the highest level [ze znanymi celebrytami i markami – dop. red.] Special entertainment events were organized, while at the same time providing players with content that enriches the experience inside and outside the game. It is a dedication we share and admire. I hope the players react positively to my performance It is an electronic game Jinx, one of our most famous heroes in League of Legendsby uczciæ premierê mysterious?? ?? said Brandon Meow, Director of Product Experience and Partnerships at Riot Games.

mysterious It is an animated series about the origins of the Jinx story. It is scheduled to premiere on Netflix on November 7.The first episode will be available to stream on the website Twitch Absolutely free.

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