June 8, 2023


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Czech President warns Ukrainians. “just one try”

The Czech president stressed in an interview with the newspaper “Rzeczpospolita” published on Monday that the best scenario to end the war and Russia’s failures Is the restoration of Ukraine of all lands.

“As a former military man, I am a realist. We must do everything we can to support Ukraine in achieving its goals. If the goal is to recover all the territories, then this will be a great result of this war. However, if Ukraine, in spite of everything It is necessary help from the West It will not be able to reconquer all of the land, while Russia is still strong enough to control it, the result is likely to be a protracted war of attrition, with neither side able to advance. We do not want such a scenario, but we must take into account that it exists. You can’t pretend to be the only one “The possible solution is a complete success,” the Czech president stressed.

The rest of the text is below the video.

Pavel noted that he himself would never encourage Ukraine to give up part of its territory. “If the Ukrainians decide to do this, it will be their decision alone. We should not push Kiev in any direction, not encourage concessions, not fight to the last soldier. We can support the Ukrainians as much as possible, but we cannot give them plans for the future and we can only help them.”

The Czech president also indicated that there will be elections in the United States next year, and that previous US election campaigns showed that society and politicians focus more on internal matters during these campaigns. “Even if there is an important global issue in the upcoming campaign, it will not be related to Europe, but to US-Chinese relations. American interest in Ukraine and the level of aid may decrease next year. And when American interest decreases, European countries will do the same,” Pavel noted. “.

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