When was time created?  Explaining the circumstances under which it appeared is a major challenge.

A lot happened in the first second after the Big Bang. Conditions at that time were extremely harsh, and there were a lot of events that could cover the billions of years that followed. We are still feeling the consequences of the operations that occurred at that time, and it does not have to be bad.

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As the scientist explains, since the Big Bang was the beginning of everything, it also gave rise to time. However, before the explosion, it would be difficult to talk about the existence of anything, including time. Then the universe was compressed to such a small size that the concepts of space and time we know now no longer made sense. This makes it difficult to determine what happened before the Big Bang.

The current state of scientific knowledge indicates that forces such as gravity, electromagnetism, and strong and weak interactions have existed from the beginning. It seems possible to combine them into a single force, which is partly possible even today, because scientists are able to combine the weak and electromagnetic forces thanks to particle accelerators. It is not known whether the same is possible with gravity, but researchers believe it is possible.

Time likely originated just after the Big Bang, perhaps within the first second

However, although this seems unlikely now, astrophysicists believe that the conditions that occurred during the first second of the Big Bang were so unique that four different reactions could have occurred together at that time. . Later they began to separate, which was accompanied by so-called phase transitions, i.e. the transition of one thermodynamic phase to another. Such processes are associated with the storage and release of huge amounts of energy.

Transitions may occur gently, but in some situations they turn out to be more violent. For a long time, it was believed that scenario number one was occurring at the beginning of the universe. However, it may turn out that chaotic changes may have played a more important role than expected in shaping the universe.

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The existence of matter and antimatter is also a big mystery. There are currently more of the first, although in theory the amount of both should be identical. In addition, bubble collisions that arose immediately after the Big Bang could be responsible for the creation of mysterious dark matter, and may also explain how supermassive black holes are created. These objects were already gigantic in the early stages of the existence of the universe, which contradicts the concept of their birth, as such objects are created as a result of the collapse of massive stars under the pressure of their gravity.

It all sounds like a lot of phenomena – and it was. But perhaps the most surprising thing about all of this is that, according to scientists, it happened in one second. Mementos from the events of that time may be cosmic strings and gravitational waves, searched for and studied by scientists trying to learn about the past of the entire universe.

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