Restrictive pandemic restrictions are detrimental to psyche

Specialists from Flinders University and other centers conducted interviews with 4,000 people. Volunteers to find out how the Australian border closure has affected the mental health of residents. 63% of volunteers came from the country, and 34% outside it.

Katina Ali, co-author of the study published in the journal Globalization and Health, reports that the vast majority of participants reported the negative impact of restrictions and showed a very high level of stress. – Our results show that responders react similarly, Whether they live in Australia or abroad – adds the expert.

Serious limitations

Respondents gave different reasons for their problems.

They cited, among others, the inability to see a partner, family or friends (this concerns 81.1% of respondents), economic and professional reasons (4.9%), education-related (4.1%), and fear for personal health and safety (2,6%) , Leave difficulties (1.4%).

People who could not meet relatives and those with learning disabilities felt worse.

One-fifth of the respondents think that they need help because of mental problems. Professionals dealing with health, including mental health, should be aware of this crisis, provide appropriate support and suggest practical strategies to reduce the risk of further deterioration of the situation – says Dr. Ali.

The authors of the discovery confirm this Filed in relation to the work epidemic It should take into account the possible harm to the psyche of the population.

It is important to monitor the mental health of these groups. We continue to measure the impact of border policies on psyche and well-being, says one of the researchers, Dr. Dan Vasnach. – Qualitative data, which is in preparation for publication, indicates its significant impact. Respondents reported that they intend to leave or leave Australia due to constant stress and the inability to meet their families, “- said the scientist.

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