He is 82 years old and he has been to the International Space Station.  Now you plan to go to the moon

Dennis and Akiko Tito They are the first on the passenger list for the second commercial flight super missile Spacecraft around the moon. Unfortunately, at the moment, very little is known about the launch date, as we mentioned The spacecraft has not yet reached Earth’s orbit. The newly announced crew members have become part of a crew of ten who will see the moon up close in time.

Denis Tito is credited with Pioneer of space tourism. In 2001, he spent more than a week in orbit, including on board International Space Station.

As you can see, Denis Tito’s ambitions do not end there. The man has now 82 yearsHowever I decided to fly towards the moon. his wife – Akiko Tito It also has a chance to be recorded in the pages of history as One of the first womenWhich was near the natural satellite of the Earth.

In the second trade flight, you will find the Starship around 200 km from the surface of the moon. Practically speaking, this will be the third flight of this spacecraft, because the first will be illustrative and no human will be involved. The first manned flights have already been funded by Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa.

Despite the bold plans for the future, as well as the initial knowledge of the flight parameters, Dennis and Akiko Tito don’t know the day or time of their flight. Much will depend on this aspect Success in spacecraft tests.

SpaceX is currently having major problems ensuring flight safety on this spacecraft. This is one of the many reasons for that The spacecraft has not left our planet yet. in spite of that SpaceX participates in preparations for the Artemis 3 mission Organized by NASA. Elon Musk Company It is responsible for developing a ship capable of landing and taking off from the surface of the Moon.

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