What's new in your e-PIT service.  Businessmen will be able to settle the tax

Based on the settlement method, the taxpayer chooses the appropriate model:

  • PIT-36 – for settlements under the general rules
  • PIT-36L – for settlements based on a flat tax
  • PIT-28- – For settlements on a lump sum basis

All types of returns will include data available to the National Tax Administration, including: Information on advance tax payments and lump sum payments The person settling the tax will have to complete a declaration of income, allowances, other deductions, tax-exempt costs (for PIT-36 and PIT-36L) and the total amount due (for PIT-28).

The program will also automatically prepare all the necessary attachments for the tax return.

Improvements to your e-PIT service are also waiting for its existing users. The app has a more intuitive interface to help you navigate the site. The taxpayer will be able to double-check whether the invoice for the refund of a potential tax overpayment is up to date.

Your e-PIT service is available on the website podatki.gov.pl. As reported by the Ministry of Finance in June last year As many as 94%, or 20 million, of all 2022 tax returns were filed electronically, most of which — 11.9 million — were filed via your e-PIT.. Only 1.3 million returns were filed in paper form. Last year, entrepreneurs eagerly used the e-Deklaracje system.

In the case of your e-PIT service, 4.6 million returns were accepted automatically, and 7.3 million returns were submitted by taxpayers. This solution allows you to send a pre-prepared return to the tax office based on data sent by employers; The taxpayer can independently provide information about tax credits or the name of the public benefit organization to which he would like to donate 1.5%. tax

This year, it will be possible to submit a tax return until April 30.

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