Controversy in Peedronca.  It was about product prices, the network itself explains

The Peedronca supermarket chain ran an advertising campaign to compare prices in its stores with other chains. This drew criticism from one blogger. Pederonka has already released a statement on the matter.

The beginning of the report

This story is a bit confusing. According to Wirtualna Polska,

It all started with the ASM Sales Team agency report

which lists the prices of products that Poles frequently buy.


Pedronca finished third

– You have to pay for a basket of dairy products, household chemicals or drinks

PLN 256.43.00

. The cheapest is in the Auchan network, where the total is PLN 247.93.

Pederonka’s ad response

Pedrónca didn’t seem to like this situation. According to Wirtualna Polska,

In response to the report, the network prepared its own analysis

Its own offers and competitors’ offers, the results of which were presented in its advertising campaign.

According to Pedrónca’s analysis,

You have to pay PLN 170.73 for a basket of 20 products chosen by the network

. It is the cheapest compared to the competition – Lidl, second in the list, the most expensive PLN 4, while Auchan – is in last place with a score of PLN 182.21.

PanParagon: You have to play fair. Ladybug: We’re playing

Blogger PanParagon responded to Biedronka’s action. In his investigation, according to Wirtualna Polska, he questioned Biedronka’s analysis. First of all, he indicated that

The basket lacks, for example, sugar, flour or milk, and some products received discounts on the date of the report

without being published in newspapers.

Biedronka, at Virtual Media’s request, commented on this controversial issue. According to the network,

The basket contains “Regularly” products [kupowane – P.M.] by Polish families

which is supposed to be the basis for claiming that the network’s prices are lower than those of its competitors.

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