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Ega Švetik – Jessica Pegola: 4:6, 6:2, 6:2

New information just came out – show me

We are already saying goodbye and we invite you to another report on eurosport.pl! Good afternoon!

Who will be the Polish women’s competitor? In the second semi-final, Danielle Collins will play Donna Vekic.

Iga Świątek in the WTA 500 Final in San Diego!!!

Another 40/30 for a Polish woman, Pegula defended herself.

Two match balls for Christmas!

5:2 Christmas! Only one gem separates the Polish women from the final!

Two hours of playing for us.

This is it! Sold out of this Christmas series! Breakout and 4:2 for a Polish woman!

Not this time. He presses the Pegula and selects one point. 40/15 for Christmas.

Massive exchange! Christmas mountain! Polka leads 0-40 on Pegula!

3:2 Christmas! managed to! Pull this pole! I did well!

Good service and a point for a Polish woman in awhile. else…

Now Pegula has thrown the ball into the cars and we have another balance. Very long gem.

Small car after playing Iga, Pegula feature. Emotions escalate.

What is going on here? Suddenly the score was 40/15 for Pegula when he gave Świątek! You have to defend yourself!

2: 2. Pegula does not give up. I came out of a difficult situation and we drew in the scheduled team.

Pity! The Polish woman had exposed the entire court and Pegula in the opposite corner. I ended up sending the ball to the car. Balance.

Pegula is playing the net, and your lips have a chance to break the net!

2:1 Christmas. Control of a Polish woman. The site is working as it should. Pegula scored only one point in this match.

2nd Pegula pass and back in aut. Tight, Iga!

The Świątek service game begins with Ace!

1: 1 in the third group. We’ve praised Świątek (well-deservedly!), but Pegula can’t be deleted yet. The American kept her request.

1:0 Christmas. A gem to zero for a Polish woman!

The Polish woman is clearly spinning minute by minute. Pegula can’t handle Raszyn’s powerful player moves.

We start group number 3. Christmas serves.

6:2 for Christmas in the second set! The crucial party in an instant!

Smart Pegola! An interesting move that completely baffled Świątek. We are still playing in the second set.

40/15 for Christmas with Pegula! There are fixed balls for a Polish woman!

5:2 for Christmas! A sure gem, its game is getting better and better!

What a game! Świątek went under the net, and Pegula played a powerful shot into the pass, but the Polish girl was perfectly positioned and “put” the ball beautifully. The American was still able to play, but she sent the ball to the car.

4:2. A gem for a pegola. In the end, Bulka tried to play the stopping air ball, just behind the net. failed in.

Beautiful passage by Świątek. Pegula did not find an answer to this play. 30/15 for a Polish woman.

One can notice the pole-shaped “waving” today. There are downtimes that Pegula tries to take advantage of.

4: 1 Christmas! She did not give up the pole! Iga is close to winning the second set and leveling the match.

Pegula has the ball to break. 30/40.

3:1, a gem for a pegola. The American managed to control the situation and won the match with an advantage.

Pegula is a little distracted. She had the ball in the match and missed twice. Balance.

3:0 for Christmas! She’s back changed, and so far Pegula doesn’t have much to say.

2: 0! rest time! A gem to zero with Peguli Service! An amazing gem made by the pole!

Back strong for Christmas! Advance 40/0 when passing the opponent!

1:0 Christmas! The Polish women’s website did quite well after such a long break.

We will go with the second group, served by Iga Švetik.

The rain stopped, the field ran out, the tennis players came back and the warm-up continued.

According to the latest information, the court is almost dry. The match will resume “not before 1:00 am Poland time”.

Looks like the rain has stopped in San Diego and work is underway to dry up the stadium.

And this is the worst moment for any fan: after midnight the game is in the middle and he doesn’t know how long it will last. Plus you can sleep in the morning.

Well, it’s not raining anymore, but it’s raining. The players go to the locker room.

Grams! or not? However, no! Swiatek was already preparing for service and the players left the field. it is raining.

What after the match? We are waiting for a decision.

Iga returned to court. He talks with coach Wiktorovsky.

There are more and more umbrellas.

Unfortunately, there is another bad news – it started raining in San Diego.

Taking advantage of the break between sets, Świątek left the field. Maybe she needs a little quiet because she missed the first batch.

We’ll be ordering more of these plays in Game Two.

It happened… 6:4 to Pegula in the first set of the WTA 500 semi-finals in San Diego. You have to chase the score!

The Polish woman sent the ball into the car. American advantage and the first group ball.

Swiatek had a chance to break. However, I played volleyball. Balance.

Iga angry! Fired a strong comeback at 0-15 on the discount service.

5:4 for Pegula. The American would serve in an instant to win the first set.

it’s bad. Penetration of the ball to Pegula. 40/30 for an American when giving Świątek.

The American won 10 points out of 15.

4:4. A gem for a pegola. The American girl got out of trouble. From 15/40 she won all the points!

Pegula scramble! The American achieved balance.

And we have more balls to break! This time a chance before Christmas. 40/15 for a Polish woman.

4: 3. Frequent penetration. Soon the American made up for the losses.

Attention Attention! 40/15 for Pegula when given Świątek!

4: 2! rest time! Iga has what we’ve all been waiting for!

Christmas feature! She did what she could to protect Pegula, but ultimately failed.

The first super ball for a Polish woman! Aleeeee… In the next procedure, Świątek played minimal cars. Balance.

And now happiness smiled upon Pegula. Shortcut after the tape. The ball fell to the half of the Polish woman. 15/15.

Beautiful diagonal performance for Christmas! The ball hit the line. Pegola had no answer. 15/0 for a Polish woman at discount service.

At the moment, matching looks a bit like peer-to-peer testing. It is difficult to identify a tennis player who has an advantage. Swiatek plays softly, Pegula plays softly.

3:2 Christmas! The Polish team finished the ace of the game, winning it with 30! Right now, it’s a very balanced duel.

2:2. We’re still waiting for the first hack. Pegula is playing pretty hard today.

The perfect Pegula abbreviation for the number 15/0. Swiatek got the ball, but didn’t manage to break it.

Let’s add that Pegula in this tournament is ranked number 4. “One” is, of course, Christmas.

2:1 Christmas. Gem gem at the moment, no fireworks. Quiet on both sides of the network.

1:1. Gem up to 30 for an American. She did not allow her opponent too much.

Ace Peguli on 30/0 and … double service error on 30/15.

1:0 for Christmas! First cats behind fences, keep it up!

Schweitek already had an open court, but she threw the ball into the car. It could be a gem for a Polish woman, there is a balance after 40.

Pegula took a 30/0 lead at Polka’s serve, but Świątek quickly equalized.

Swiatek started the semi-finals due to…a double duty fault.

Let’s Begin! Serve polka!

We are already moving to San Diego. We are preparing for the semi-finals.

This season, Pegula is famous for its success in combining singles and doubles.

It is worth noting the last game of Šwijtek in San Diego. The Polish women gave no chances to Coco Gauff and won 6-0, 6:3.

To date, both tennis players have played four times. Švetik, who won three times, can boast of better balance.

– Matches with her are always difficult – she said before the semi-finals of Christmas. The Polish women recently faced Pegula in the quarter-finals of the US Open. Then Iga won 6:3, 7:6.

We’re just minutes away from the semi-finals of the WTA 500 Championships in San Diego, where Eja Shvetik will face Jessica Pegula.

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