Russians attacked a journalist in Warsaw.  He saved himself by fleeing.  “We did not feel safe”

Aigault Kloosterboer, a correspondent for Dutch NOS TV, went to Warsaw to watch the Poland-Ukraine match. The previous day, he appeared at a press conference and asked coach Probiers about the Dutch national team. However, he did not receive a specific answer. The Polish coach responded briefly that he was only focusing on his closest competitor.

I think he just wanted to say that – said Klosterboer when we asked him about this situation.

– Every coach lives for the next match. The next match was against Ukraine, not the Netherlands. However, I am 100 percent. Pretty sure his staff was already working on training Dutch. He must have also watched the Dutch matches and is prepared himself. He added: But for the outside world: not yet.

Dutch correspondent: You are stronger than Austria

The journalist also said that he came to Warsaw specifically to check what the Polish national team is like and whether the atmosphere before the Euro is hot enough.

– We know that you qualified for the tournament at the last minute, so maybe you are not at the same level as France. but We also don’t have the best team at the moment. So I’m very curious to see what might happen. This will be a match to determine second place in the group – Twerdze Klosterbor.

I asked him if he thought the Polish team was stronger than the Austrian team.

– This is the prevailing belief. In my opinion, the second place in the group will be occupied by Poland or the Netherlands. Among Dutch journalists There is a belief that you are stronger than Austria – answered the Dutchman.

Russian attack during Euro 2012

A journalist from the Netherlands, whom we spoke to at the PGE National Stadium in Warsaw, also told a story that he once lived in this stadium. CAs a reporter for a Dutch station, he was attacked by fans from Russia.

– I had a very strange feeling when I entered this stadium, because I was here 12 years ago for the Euro 2012 match, when Poland played against Russia – he began.

– We sat high in the press podium and watched crowds of people pass through the stadium. But we did not know then that everyone walking towards us was Russian. And believe me – they were not very nice. They got closer and closer. We felt that the atmosphere was becoming more and more tense. The Russian who was walking in front suddenly kicked the tripod the camera was standing on, breaking it in half. We literally walked off the field. We were afraid. “We didn’t feel safe,” Klosterbauer said.

Dick Advocaat, who was then the Russian national team coach, was banned from commenting on the situation.

– I went to this match because The coach of the Russians at that time was the Dutchman Dick Advocaat. I asked him about this situation and he got very angry because I was asking such questions. He was obviously upset by this, but he couldn’t answer because of it The Russian Federation put great pressure on him – explains the Dutch correspondent.

Now Klooserboer, like us, is already in Hamburg, where he expects a direct confrontation The Polish and Dutch national teams. The match is scheduled to start at 3 pm on Sunday, June 16.

From Hamburg Wojciech Górski, Interia

Police calm a Russian fan during Euro 2012/Michael Wargin/East News

Fans are waiting in front of the hotel for Poland’s representatives. video/INTERIA.TV/INTERIA.TV

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