What is the future of photovoltaics?  Mathematics provides the answers

We can read about the results of these efforts in the pages Frontiers in Energy Research. Anders Carlson and his colleague, Sid Redner, note that even small improvements in power generation and storage can provide a significant increase in the reliability of the photovoltaic grid.

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Using 40 years of data about solar energy, the researchers made calculations that lasted millions of years. In this way, they wanted to determine the optimal combination of electricity generation and storage in order to build a reliable grid powered by renewable energy. If she were to work in St. Louis, it will be necessary to combine solar and wind energy.

The fact that even small modifications can make a solar powered grid very stable is definitely a positive. According to the study authors, this reliability increases exponentially as production capacity or storage capacity increases. Thanks to the latter, residents of a particular area gain the opportunity to accumulate energy during sunny days, in order to release it later when the weather becomes unfavorable.

The future of photovoltaics could be bright if some improvements can be made – especially in terms of energy storage

What else are Carlson and Redner referring to? They say that the search for perfect solutions can backfire. And all because creating a hypothetical system that uses only renewable solar and wind energy will be much more expensive than a system in which reserves consist of small amounts of natural gas. To measure this, the scientists explained that it is better to reach the threshold of 99% renewable energy use in 10 years, rather than 100% in 30 years.

It appears that the power supply part of the St. Louis. To achieve this would require a system that would cost each family about $130,000. This cost relates to the use of 100% renewable energy sources. If this percentage is reduced to 95-99%, the final cost will drop to $80,000-90,000. As you can see, more isn’t always better. At least in the context of the degree to which renewable energy sources are used.

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Of course, in the future humanity will be able to focus on achieving optimal coefficients, but currently the priority seems to be increasing the availability of photovoltaics and their share in the energy balance of individual countries. Besides, energy from the sun is just one of many possible sources. The more alternatives, the better.

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