Nuclear fusion is approaching.  AI will control the plasma in the reactor

Scientists from DeepMind (which belongs to the Alphabet conglomerate) and the Plasma Center at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland They are working on creating artificial intelligence to control the operation of a fusion reactor. Nuclear fusion is a very promising method for generating energy, but it requires an appropriate engineering approach.

A tokamak is a type of fusion reactor in which there are strong electromagnets They compress the gas into a form of plasma At very high temperature (Equal 150 million degrees). Under conditions of enormous pressure and with a lot of heat, the deuterium and tritium atoms can overcome the interatomic forces and fusion, resulting in a helium nucleus and emitting a huge dose of energy.

However, for this process to be stable, the plasma beam must be kept in a strictly defined location. In any case You can’t touch the walls of the tokamak. Adequate AI and DeepMind, with expertise in this field, will help achieve these goals.

The Chinese have also made great achievements in the field of nuclear fusion:

Artificial intelligence It will direct the work of huge solenoid coils So that the plasma has the desired shape. Scientists hope to achieve better fusion efficiency in this way and perhaps finally a positive energy balance (more energy obtained from fusion than by operating a tokamak).

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