Scientists have confirmed the record vibrations.  These nano-strings outperform the competition

The research team included representatives from Delft University of Technology and Brown University. Their goal was to achieve the degree of vibration that semiconductors exhibit at temperatures close to absolute zero. The difference was that they would do it at room temperature. They are now writing about how they dealt with this challenge Nature Communications.

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In the future, their achievements should lead to the design of highly effective mechanical sensors. However, before we move on to potential applications, it is worth explaining exactly how the experiments were conducted. Their authors compare their nanostrings to a seesaw that is set in motion once and can swing for about a hundred years.

The nanostrings designed by scientists from the Netherlands and the United States can vibrate at a frequency of up to 100,000 times per second.

In the case of the aforementioned nanostrings, vibrations occur at a rate of up to 100,000 times per second. This property should play an important role in research on macroscopic quantum phenomena at room temperature. Until now, this has been very difficult due to the influence of external disturbances. Furthermore, the ability of nanostrings to insulate themselves from heat based on vibrational noise allows them to detect their own quantum signatures.

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In their current form, these elements are 3 centimeters long and 70 nanometers thick. When designing them, scientists used machine learning algorithms to draw conclusions from simpler experiments involving shorter sequences. This makes creating longer-lasting counterparts faster and more efficient, not to mention lowering costs.

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