What connects Germany and Russia?  More than it seems!  Everyone should know these facts

Woolen blankets, portable heaters or the now famous helmets – this is what German aid to Ukraine looked like for several months. The Germans can brag, but … that’s all. Recently, German Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck stated that although Ukraine is fighting for its freedom with unimaginable courage, with unimaginable sacrifices, but… “Germany must always remember not to become a party to this war.”

Although Olaf Schultz brags about helping Ukraine, there are more and more problems – with sanctions, but also with the attitude of a significant part of citizens …

Penalties? Germans don’t care!

Germany also still has a big problem imposing sanctions on Russia. Oligarchs in Olaf Schultz’s country feel like fish in water.

The German Ministry of Finance announced, in response to a question from the representative of the Left Party, Christian Jurke, that the volume of frozen assets subject to sanctions in Germany currently amounts to about 5.25 billion euros. – “Penalty enforcement provisions are not effective– thought Jurk.

– “Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner boasted of his intention to use a new body, the Office of the Federal Financial Criminal Police, to be able to take more effective action against money laundering, financial crimes and sanctions against oligarchs. But this will not happen before 2025. (…). In the meantime, solutions are needed for 2023.”

Jurk added.

The Central Penal Enforcement Office, which was supposed to start operating at the beginning of this year, is still in the process of … according to information obtained by the company “Welt am Sonntag”.

In the West, they do not lose their sense of superiority

Despite the above facts, the Germans truly believe they are ahead of the world when it comes to helping Ukraine. Chancellor Olaf Scholz talks about this several times. Interestingly, he found allies in the Polish opposition, for example: former Labor Party leader Grzegorz Schetyna decided that Germany helped Ukraine more than Poland.

However, the spell is broken when she asks the opinion of ordinary German citizens. The latest opinion poll showed that 40 percent of those surveyed believe that Germany’s support for Ukraine in the field of armaments is too great, while 22 percent said it is too much. I think it’s very small, and 23 percent – that’s just right. In addition, protests are being held in Berlin, the participants of which loudly appeal not to support Ukraine militarily.

Why this German position? Maybe it’s because… addiction. Bild recently reported that, despite the war and sanctions, Russia remained the largest supplier of coal to our western neighbors – up to 13 million tons of this raw material came from there.

Source: PAP, Niezalezna.pl

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