America will not leave it.  How will the war in Ukraine end?

The development of events in Ukraine depends on two factors: the degree of Russia’s determination to continue the war and the willingness of the West to significantly increase its weapons production – without which it will not be possible to provide the fighting Ukraine with sufficient logistical support, and which requires governments to provide appropriate guarantees to arms factories.

Of course, there is also a third major factor: the determination of the Ukrainians themselves, but after all that happened to the civilian population of Ukraine from the side of the aggressor, and in view of the undisguised strategic goal of the Russians, the destruction of Ukraine as a separate state and a state entity, this can be even more certain.

As for the identification of the aggressor – the course of events proved that it is enough that as long as Putin rules Russia, there is no room for reconciliation with Ukraine’s existence. Putin is determined for a long-term confrontation, and he is convinced that he will win it – a method once proposed by the communist leader of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh: “If we can kill one American for every ten or even fifteen they will be the first to collapse.” The ruler of Russia assumes that his subjects will endure everything, and, in case of need, cruel terror will prevent any manifestation of discontent; While the West’s resistance to even a slight drop in the standard of living is very low.

Traps Putin with live bullets

So Putin will continue to rally those who openly want to join the army, but mainly prisoners, provinces, national minorities and other elements he needs less, and throw them to the front with outdated symbolic equipment. The relief that the Polish media arouse at this latter fact, taken as evidence that Russia is chasing its last bits of power and will soon lose, proves a deep misunderstanding of Putin’s way of thinking even by Poles – not to mention the “old-timers”. EU” or the United States of America.

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