“What Barcelona is doing is pathetic.”  Lewandowski was greeted as at a Football Village wedding

“Where is Płock and where Barcelona? “- one would like to ask, given the level of performance of the average Polish club on social media LeaguesAnd as one of the best in the world, ie F.C.B. This is an abyss. Obviously in favor of Wesla BookAs well as other league clubs that beat Barcelona in terms of quality and creativity in their published material.

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We saw that in an example Robert Lewandowski. The 33-year-old striker has been with his new team in Miami since Sunday. During the training camp, he already passed the medical examinations, signed the contract and was presented by the club. The official Barcelona player starts from Tuesday. Today is Friday, and the club’s website still doesn’t have his picture and name on the tab with the team.

Barcelona is slip after slip

And this is the smallest problem anyway, because Barcelona are counting the mishaps with Lewandowski one by one. Mostly in social media and mainly from the start, namely from Saturday, when she bragged about getting Lewandowski on Twitter. Many fans expected the marketing of the fireworks, the grid motives surprising with quality and craftsmanship. I ended up posting a boring and not very fancy message with an “advertisement” in English.

This was just the beginning of a poorly managed advertising campaign Transfer Lewandowski in social media, because the first promotional video was also criticized by fans. In the evening, Lewandowski went to an old lifeguard booth on a beach in Miami and said a few words in the video. Recorded in the wind and in the evening with the trembling of the hand and the phone.

When it seemed like it couldn’t get any worse, a day later, there was a TV show at the club Confusion between Lewandowski’s nationality. A video was published on the official website entitled: “The German striker’s first day in the club.” The address changed quickly, but you know: nothing is lost on the Internet.

Besides, that wasn’t the end, because it was Tuesday Lewandowski introduced. The event started with a delay of a few minutes and was not brewing. Somewhere outside the hotel, with bikini-clad women walking in the background, Barcelona flags broken, microphones not working when Lewandowski, in a shirt without a number, wanted to say something. “In this presentation, it is probably only minus that they gave Lewandowski an uninflated one the ball do podbijania “,” Rural Harvest Festival “,” Laporta in the position of uncle at the wedding “- netizens criticized on Twitter.

As if that weren’t enough, a video from the FC Barcelona store also surfaced on the network, in which a staff member asks why this is so. You can’t buy Lewandowski shirts. – We don’t have the letter “W”. And because it appears twice in his name, he simply ran out – the buyer heard.

Podbeskidzie mocks BarcelonaHe hits. Podbeskidzie mocked Barcelona and Lewandowski’s offer [WIDEO]

“It is a pity that Robert”

What Barcelona are doing is simply pathetic. This word best describes her actions – says Thomas Radwan of the Sports Marketing Agency Red Sport. – It is a pity that this happened to Robert, because who, and how, but we support him more. That’s why he’s already been injured in one cheek since then BayernNow he has to wear the other. This shirt scandal, which presents his wife as Anna Stachorska and he is a German striker… If someone had told me all this before the event, I would nod and laugh and answer that it is impossible. We are talking about Barcelona, ​​a great club, where it seems that this level of professionalism in terms of marketing is too high for such mishaps to happen – Radwan adds.

However: they did. – This is a whole series of improbable, or even impossible, mishaps, which unfortunately focused on Robert. So our best athlete, whom we love and adore. We want the best for him, because we also know how difficult the road he had to take to get to where he is now – recalls Radwan.

– I understand that some fans or just someone might think that since Lewandowski played for Bayern Munich for so many years, he is from Germany. It’s hard, it can happen. However, here we are talking about the entire presentation, that is, a certain series of events that were meticulously planned, step-by-step, and executed. There is no possibility of it being an accident here. I don’t know how Barcelona’s marketing works – that is, what levels of decision-making are there – but as a rule, it seems that the script is pre-written, which is first introduced within the club – then any corrections are made – and then accepted and implemented – Radwan explains.

Lewandowski’s chances and threats

After all, Lewandowski must gain marketing from moving to Barcelona. After all, it is the most valuable club in the world. This is followed by specific data, because these are the calculations made by “Forbes”, which put Barcelona in first place in the business and economy rankings for this year, ahead of Real and Bayern. The value of the clubs was assessed on the basis of advertising contracts, sponsorship contracts and values football playersAnd the stadium and profits from the sale of official instruments. The list was drawn up in May, before Lewandowski’s move, which is supposed to increase this value

But is it sure to raise? Do the mishaps that Barcelona now include in the context of Lewandowski also have a direct impact on his image? Nothing will affect Robert’s image in Poland enough to seriously undermine it – says Radwan. – Not only that: This image can only be improved by these last actions. People started talking about it, they sympathized with Robert, and at the same time, a larger group of people learned about the whole thing, because the Polish media write about him all the time – Radwan notes.

However, Radwan immediately notes that the perception of Lewandowski abroad is different. – I’m not sure – in colloquial terms – Robert is a tough player. In Spain and elsewhere, of course, she has seen her move to Barcelona, ​​but not in the way it was presented in Poland, where it is presented as the biggest transfer of the summer, Radwan notes.

The expert sees some opportunities in this, but also threats. – Robert’s image is slightly doubled. In Poland, for several days – even weeks – there was a complete madness. Only what someone can get for Robert, they understand. Not necessarily in the foreign media. But on the one hand, good, because his move to Barcelona may now give him a chance to create a different image. Otherworldly – Radwan notes.

After all, Bayern is first and foremost a Bavarian club and then a German club. It is definitely not a global brand like Barcelona. And I don’t say it maliciously as an objection, because I have the impression that Rummenigge, Hoeness or Khan intended to do so. It’s also important that these people – more or less officially – have been ruling this club aggressively for many years – he adds.

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“I have some concerns if it will work.”

According to Radwan, what Bayern is most interested in is business, which is great, then marketing and the global brand. – It is a conscious act, different from Barcelona, ​​where Robert can now enter a higher level of recognition. I wish him this with all my heart, but I say on purpose that he can enter this level, because his entry now depends on the act. First and foremost, on the pitch, but also a little further away from it, where the key will be to isolate Robert from German history – Munich, but also Dortmund – and start creating a new image – says Radwan.

– However, I have some concerns as to whether it will work, because it seems to me that it is already a little late. That this story is too long to break easily. Simply put, it is unfortunate that this transfer is a reality now, and not four years ago. Regardless of the fact that Robert is about to turn 34, because no one worries about his shape nor accuses him of a lack of world-class professionalism for years. I mean more about Barcelona, ​​which now greets Robert in a non-frightening way. What target group are you going to create their image for? This raises my biggest fear, because young boys already have their idols, and middle-aged people, which also includes Robert slowly, don’t pick up on all these marketing ploys. It affects the younger ones. This is the most difficult thing this generation can reach now. Especially since there is not much time – Radwan ends.

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