Mateusz Borek announced the sensational transfer of Peter Zelensky.  'Price? 50-60 million euros' football

Piotr Zieliński He is an increasingly important figure in Naples. The 27-year-old plays other successful seasons, and his good form does not go unnoticed by the European powers. In recent years, there has been a lot of talk about possible transfers to Premier League. It turns out the Pole might be a big transition champion, but not to a club from the British Isles.

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Zelensky is targeted by Bayern Munich. The price is about 50-60 million euros

As Mateusz Borek told TVP Sport studio, Zieliński is interested Bavaria Monacia. – Today’s Munich newspapers mentioned Piotr Zieliński in its context Transfer to Bayern Munich. I read it and made a few calls right away – said the commentator.

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Borek also revealed when a possible transfer will take place, as well as how much the player will have to be paid. – Zieliński has a contract valid until June 2024. The topic will certainly not come into play in the winter, but something is starting to happen. It is possible that in a few weeks the footballer’s manager, Bartik Bulik, will appear in the famous Aurelio De Laurentiis apartment in Rome overlooking the Vatican and will negotiate. price? 50-60 million euros “plus” – as handed.

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If true, we may learn more details about the possibility of Zelenskiy moving to Bayern Munich in the months leading up to the summer. transfer window. For now, the Pole is focused on playing in Napoli, who are fighting for the Italian championship (third place, two points behind leaders Inter). This season, he played 15 games in leagueHe scored five goals and four assists. He has been playing for the club near Vesuvius since 2016, when he went there with Udinese for €16m.

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